How to Remove Dog Tear Stains

This pup is at the vet to remove dog tear stains.

If you think it looks like your dog’s been crying and they have permanent tear stains, it turns out it may be true. Which leaves you with two questions: is your dog sad (what went wrong!) and how do you remove dog tear stains? The good news is your dog isn’t crying tears of sadness, … Read more

Interview with HUHA NZ Volunteer Clare Barrett

huha nz volunteer clare barrett raising funds at a market

Anyone who knows PD Insurance knows that we’re big animal lovers. That’s why we’re pretty passionate about our animal shelter partner HUHA. We wanted to find out what it’s like to be a HUHA NZ volunteer, working for New Zealand’s leading no-kill shelter. We sat down to chat to Clare Barrett to get a glimpse … Read more

3 Tips to Stop a Cat Biting and Scratching You

It's important to stop a cat biting to prevent skin punctures and possible infection.

There are three simple steps to stop a cat from biting and scratching you, which involve a healthy mix of nature and nurture. You can encourage healthy (non-scratching and biting) behaviour in growing kittens, just as you can make it clear to mature cats that punctures, scratch marks and pain won’t get them anywhere. Cat … Read more

4 Tips For Exercising Dogs Without Walking!

Water sport means exercising dogs without exercising is possible for this lab.

Exercising dogs without walking kind of sounds like an anomaly – surely, it’s impossible?! Apparently not. From puppy schools and daycare to dog parks, there are fun ways to keep your pup active. We’ve got you covered! As much as walking your dog may be a staple, sometimes it’s not possible. Perhaps your dog is … Read more

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