Separation Anxiety in Pets: How to Help Them

Separation anxiety in pets is happening with this cranky grey cat

Our recent periods of social isolation thanks to COVID meant more quality time at home with our furry or feathery friends. Now things have changed, it’s no wonder separation anxiety in pets is a rising concern in New Zealand. In fact, shelters around the country (and globally) saw pet adoptions increase as people looked for … Read more

Want to Foster a Dog or Cat in New Zealand?

Foster a dog or puppy like this one in New Zealand.

Would you foster a dog or a cat? At the start of the pandemic, many did. As lockdowns saw more workers temporarily stationed in home offices, fostering pets rose in popularity. Many people wanted to have the loving companionship a pet cat or dog brings. Being a full-time pet parent isn’t always possible, so fostering … Read more

How to Grieve the Loss of a Pet

old labrador on rug - it can be hard to grieve the loss of an old dog when they are put to sleep

Most humans outlive their pets by many, many years. And although we may have multiple dogs or cats over our lifespan, saying goodbye is always the hardest part. How does one grieve the loss of a pet? We know it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any easier when the time comes. When you’re preparing … Read more