Is Dog Insurance Worth It? Cat Insurance? Yes – Now!

Is dog insurance worth it - this pup thinks yes!

Is dog insurance worth it? What about cat insurance? And if so, when should you take it out? These are high value questions for pet parents, all of whom want the best for their fur kid. The real underlying question is ‘do you ever want to put a price on your pet’s wellbeing?’ At its … Read more

Foster a Dog or Cat in New Zealand

Foster a dog or puppy like this one in New Zealand.

Would you foster a dog or a cat? At the start of the pandemic, many did. As lockdowns saw more workers temporarily stationed in home offices, fostering pets rose in popularity. Many people wanted to have the loving companionship a pet cat or dog brings. Being a full-time pet parent isn’t always possible, so fostering … Read more

How to Grieve the Loss of a Pet

old labrador on rug - it can be hard to grieve the loss of an old dog when they are put to sleep

Most humans outlive their pets by many, many years. And although we may have multiple dogs or cats over our lifespan, saying goodbye is always the hardest part. How does one grieve the loss of a pet? We know it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any easier when the time comes. When you’re preparing … Read more

Pug: Is This Small Dog with a Big Heart for You?

Did you know the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds around? Yet, little often means new – so you’d be forgiven for thinking this pint-sized pup was a modern breed. With their unbearably cute flat face and wrinkly nose, pugs have many sterling qualities that make them great pets. If you wanna know … Read more

How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Lead? We Explain

This pet parent is training a cat to walk on a lead.

Training a cat to walk on a lead can be a revolutionary way of spending time together in the great outdoors, especially if you’ve an indoor cat. However, walking your cat on a lead can be like feeding your kids veggies. They either like it or they don’t. And while you persevere until your kids eat … Read more

Famous Dogs That Saved Lives in New Zealand

One of the famous dogs of New Zealand who protects his owner.

Dogs save us from many things, like loneliness, boredom, and sometimes they even save our lives. In this article, we’re celebrating famous dogs who selflessly saved human lives and protected us in times of need. If you know of Kiwi canine heroes who deserve to have their stories shared, tell us about them on our … Read more

Do You Have a Pet Godparent? Should You?

Have you made plans for a pet godparent? In light of the devastation that the COVID pandemic has caused globally, more pet owners are becoming aware of an uncomfortable question which must be answered. That is, what becomes of your pet should you pass away? It’s hard to think about. But it’s also necessary. Responsible … Read more

Can’t Keep a Pet You Got for Christmas? Take These Steps

If you can't keep a pet like this hound take it to a shelter

Getting a pet you can take care of for life requires considerable planning and finding that special connection. If you’ve received a pet for Christmas (or adopted at another time), becoming a pet parent overnight may have sent you into shock. Are you realising you can’t keep a pet? Perhaps you asked for a pet … Read more