Pre-Existing Conditions and Pet Insurance – Where Do You Stand?

black and white australian collie dog sick under red blanket - he may have a pre-existing condition

Can dogs or cats with pre-existing conditions get pet insurance in New Zealand? Generally speaking, pre-existing conditions in either won’t be covered by pet insurance here. But hang on a second! That doesn’t mean you can’t get your furkid an insurance policy. It just means they won’t be covered for health issues that emerged before … Read more

What is Third Party Liability in Pet Insurance?

dog snarling at another dog - a bite could be covered by third party insurance

You probably know pet insurance can help protect you financially if your pet gets sick or has an accident. But what if your pup gets overexcited at a dog park and bites another dog, leading to an infection and hefty bills? Or your cat ruins the expensive rug at Grandma’s during a holiday visit? That’s … Read more