Cat Toilet Training on the Loo – Goodbye Poop Scoop. Yes, No, Maybe?

cat uses the toilet

We share our homes and our hearts with our cats. And as it happens some pet parents have started taking the leap and are sharing their toilets too. That’s right, training your cat to use the toilet is totally a real thing. In case you’re unclear (which is perfectly normal), we’re referring to teaching meowser … Read more

What is the Cutest Dog in the World?

The cutest dog in the world is a rather subjective thing to consider. Since there’s no official competition to vote on it, there’s no official title (yet). And with no definitive answer, we’ve taken it upon ourselves and rounded up the cutest dogs in the world according to three categories.  It must be said that … Read more

How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You

What are the best dog breeds? That comes down to who you ask. Dog breeds are very much a matter of personal preference, and usually the best choice depends on the pet parents’ lifestyle. For instance, those of us with an active lifestyle and a big yard might prefer a high energy pup like a … Read more

Can Dogs Sleep Outside? Or Is Inside Better?

black labrador dog sleeps outside on wooden deck in garden

New dog owners often wonder whether dogs can sleep outside safely. Although loads of us invite our pooches into bed for a snuggle, some pet parents prefer their dogs to sleep outside. Many of us like the idea of the dog barking if there’s an intruder or something suspicious nearby, acting as our early warning … Read more

Virtual Vet Consultations: Why They’re Useful

virtual vet

Virtual vet consultations are on the rise and for good reason. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of online consultations for everything in NZ from doctors to psychiatrists. We’re making the most of technology to reduce our time spent running around for tasks that need to be ticked off but aren’t considered emergencies. So … Read more

Pre-Existing Conditions and Pet Insurance – Where Do You Stand?

black and white australian collie dog sick under red blanket - he may have a pre-existing condition

Can dogs or cats with pre-existing conditions get pet insurance in New Zealand? Generally speaking, pre-existing conditions in either won’t be covered by pet insurance here. But hang on a second! That doesn’t mean you can’t get your furkid an insurance policy. It just means they won’t be covered for health issues that emerged before … Read more

Does Your Dog Have Gastroenteritis or Something Else?

dog vomiting

Is your dog vomiting or do they have diarrhoea? Your dog may vomit or have loose stool occasionally, but if it’s severe and ongoing they may very well have gastroenteritis. Gastro was in our top 5 types of claims for pet insurance in 2021, which just shows you how common (and serious) this illness is. … Read more

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