Can Dogs Sleep Outside? Or Is Inside Better?

black labrador dog sleeps outside on wooden deck in garden

New dog owners often wonder whether dogs can sleep outside safely. Although loads of us invite our pooches into bed for a snuggle, some pet parents prefer their dogs to sleep outside. Many of us like the idea of the dog barking if there’s an intruder or something suspicious nearby, acting as our early warning … Read more

Virtual Vet Consultations: Why They’re Useful

virtual vet

Virtual vet consultations are on the rise and for good reason. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of online consultations for everything in NZ from doctors to psychiatrists. We’re making the most of technology to reduce our time spent running around for tasks that need to be ticked off but aren’t considered emergencies. So … Read more

Does Your Dog Have Gastroenteritis or Something Else?

dog vomiting

Is your dog vomiting or do they have diarrhoea? Your dog may vomit or have loose stool occasionally, but if it’s severe and ongoing they may very well have gastroenteritis. Gastro was in our top 5 types of claims for pet insurance in 2021, which just shows you how common (and serious) this illness is. … Read more

What is a Pet Behaviourist? We Ask an Expert

pet behaviourist helps adopted dogs unlearn previous behaviours

If your pet is your child (or best friend), you’ll know what it means to visit the vet. But what about taking them to a cat or dog behaviourist? Just a quick Google search reveals a host of pet behaviourists in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand. But when and why do you call on … Read more

Cruciate Disease in Dogs and Boogie the Rottweiler

Boogie and his mum Lulu shortly after luxating patella symptoms start showing

Boogie the Rottweiler is one year old. That makes her about seven years old in human years, or so they say. She’s young, upbeat and simply loves camping and walks on the beach. But recently the young Auckland pup had a mysterious limp that came and went. Cruciate disease in dogs was found to be … Read more

Why Do Cats Knead (Do They Like Fresh Bread)?

PD Insurance asks this cat 'why do cats knead?'

Why do cats knead? Did some cat once long ago belong to a baker and now all cats simply long for that smell of freshly kneaded dough leading to warm bread in the oven? This theory clearly has its faults (other than the fact we just made it up). For example, cats often extend their … Read more

Brachycephalic Breeds: Health Conditions in Flat Faced Dogs

french bulldog puppy is on the list of brachycephalic breeds

Is your adorable dog – or potential dog – on the list of brachycephalic breeds? If so, you’ve probably heard about brachycephalic airway syndrome. It’s common for ‘flat-faced’ dog and cat breeds to experience this condition. It makes it hard for them to breathe and that leads to all sorts of knock-on effects. Like for … Read more

Spoodle: The Social Butterfly Of Dogs

Dog breeders are always trying to combine the perfect parts of dog breed personalities to make the perfect pup for the situation. In this instance, they really managed to strike gold with the Spoodle. The adorable Spoodle is the world’s #1 designer dog breed in many ways, including being the first designer dog breed ever … Read more

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