Dogs in Hot Cars: Spring Heat Rising

don't leave dogs in hot cars like this

Just nipping into the store to buy milk? Or popping in to an empty cafe for a takeaway flat white? It may seem harmless leaving dogs in hot cars while running the briefest of errands like these, but is it safe? After all, how long is too long? How hot is too hot and at … Read more

Flea Treatment in NZ (and Ticks Too!)

dog needs flea treatment in NZ

It’s that time of the year; summer’s round the bend and extra degrees are dancing across the temperature gauge. Humans aren’t the only ones who are invigorated by the heat – creepy crawlies are too, and they multiply fast. It’s why flea treatment in NZ is of particular importance to cat and dog parents right … Read more

IVDD in Dachshunds (and Other Dogs)

Brown Dachshund - their long backs make them susceptible to IVDD

Many purebred dog breeds are prone to certain health conditions as a result of selective breeding because it reduces genetic variation. IVDD in Dachshunds is a good example, as one that’s more commonly reported. IVDD – or intervertebral disc disease – is a degenerative spinal condition in dogs. Certain breeds like the Dachshund are more … Read more

Cat Health Care Milestones: 1st year

this kitten has had its first cat health care milestones

Kittens take their first wobbly steps around three weeks old, just one week after they first start to see and hear. At about six weeks they’re likely to have been weaned from their mum’s milk and the immunity gained from the milk’s maternal antibodies wears off. Having your cat health care plan in place even … Read more

Puppy Health Care Milestones – The 1st Year

yorkie puppy being vaccinated at vet

If you’ve recently brought a puppy into your life, you’re in for a fun journey of learning, bonding, and lots of laughs. All the playtime aside, how do you know what puppy health care milestones you must work through to ensure your fur kid gets the absolute best start in life? To give your pup … Read more

Can Animals Get Coronavirus?

can animals get coronavirus from humans? Yes

Can animals get coronavirus? When the global pandemic first hit, there were many questions that went unanswered around exactly who could get COVID-19 and who could spread it. It’s something us animal lovers have asked about for a while – as you’ll know if you’ve read our article on COVID-19 in animals. The short answer … Read more

Every Schnauzer Has His Story – Here’s Harvey’s

A cute miniature Schnauzer named Harvey

They say every dog has its day. For Miniature Schnauzer Harvey, a relatively new PD Insurance member, this was indeed the case. Not only did this dog have his day – he had three! And Harvey’s only a few months old. However, before his three good days of luck (read: well-insured quality vet care), he … Read more

Cat TV: Should Your Cat Be Watching?

lazy grey cat lying on couch with TV remote

Cat TV videos and channels might sound a bit…well…niche. But they’re popping up all over YouTube and other streaming services. Basically, cats have their own Netflix nowadays, whether rightly or wrongly. And why not? Before TV and streaming was a big thing, cats used to hang out in trees or by windows to watch the … Read more

Home Renovations and Pet Safety

Plan home renovations well, so protect your pet.

Home renovations can be loud, dusty, and full of strange smells. However, once they’re done and your bathroom, kitchen, etc has a ‘new look’, it can be well worth the trouble. From your cat’s or dog’s perspective, the reno process may seem much more different. One morning things are hunky-dory, the next strangers are marching … Read more

Stolen Dogs in New Zealand

staffies are more likely to be stolen dogs than other breeds. This staffie is looking out of a car window

The number of stolen dogs in New Zealand is reported to be on the rise, partly due to the pandemic. Pet theft once wasn’t such a major concern but the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have exacerbated the situation. Partly because people want a companion more than ever, and partly because economic instability and high unemployment … Read more