3 Reasons for Adopting an Adult Cat on Love Your Pet Day!

someone is adopting this older cat

Is it a coincidence Love Your Pet Day comes back-to-back with Valentine’s Day? Nu-uh, we think not. February is all about the lurrrve. From hairballs to furry cuddles! But let’s spare a thought for the amazing cats and dogs behind bars in pet shelters. This Feb we’re all about adopting an adult cat or dog; … Read more

What and How to Donate to Animal Shelters this National Pet Day

if you donate to an animal shelter you can help dogs like this black and brown one behind a fence

It’s National Pet Day this Sunday, 11 April, and as a nation of pet lovers this is a celebration we can get behind. While our own pets are showered with love daily, shelter animals across the country aren’t as lucky. If you’ve ever wondered how to donate to animal shelters, we’re here to help you. … Read more

First Time Pet Owner: Preparing Mentally

Being a first-time pet owner is like being a new parent – or rather it is being a new parent.

Is becoming a first time pet owner occupying all kinds of awesome daydreams at the moment? Is your work ending up on the backburner while you Google puppies and/or kittens instead? Does imagining being a pet parent make the coffee taste even better? If you’re getting ready to take the leap, you’ll want to be … Read more

Can’t Keep a Pet You Got for Christmas? Take These Steps

If you can't keep a pet like this hound take it to a shelter

Getting a pet you can take care of for life requires considerable planning and finding that special connection. If you’ve received a pet for Christmas (or adopted at another time), becoming a pet parent overnight may have sent you into shock. Are you realising you can’t keep a pet? Perhaps you asked for a pet … Read more

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