Why Do Cats Knead (Do They Like Fresh Bread)?

PD Insurance asks this cat 'why do cats knead?'

Why do cats knead? Did some cat once long ago belong to a baker and now all cats simply long for that smell of freshly kneaded dough leading to warm bread in the oven? This theory clearly has its faults (other than the fact we just made it up). For example, cats often extend their … Read more

Why Do Cats Lick You? Here’s the Top 4 Reasons

average cat weight

Why do cats lick you? You’ve seen them licking themselves obsessively to stay clean, so maybe they think you’re dirty. Or maybe it’s to show affection? As per usual, our felines seem to be completely set on confusing their parents with their quirky cat behaviour. But luckily, you’ve got us. And as per usual, we’re … Read more

Cat TV: Should Your Cat Be Watching?

lazy grey cat lying on couch with TV remote

Cat TV videos and channels might sound a bit…well…niche. But they’re popping up all over YouTube and other streaming services. Basically, cats have their own Netflix nowadays, whether rightly or wrongly. And why not? Before TV and streaming was a big thing, cats used to hang out in trees or by windows to watch the … Read more

Do You Know About These Scents Cats Like?

close up of ginger cat's nose to enjoy scents they like!

There are scents cats like and scents they don’t. And just like you might use the ones they dislike to discourage them from peeing on your couch or scratching your furniture, you can use scents cats like for training, reward, and pure spoiling. Or is that purr spoiling? So to get on your kitty’s good … Read more

Pet Doesn’t Like Your Partner? Here’s What To Do

if your pet doesnt like your partner he may ignore them like this dog sitting next to his owner

You love your pet, and you love your partner. So the two of them should love each other right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy. If your pet doesn’t like your partner, it can make both relationships difficult. And while your pet might come around sooner or later, sometimes there can be a serious bonding … Read more

My Dog and Cat Are Fighting – Help!

spaniel dog fighting with ginger cat

Good news! The belief that cats and dogs are natural mortal enemies is a myth. This is according to Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet’s “Cats vs Dogs,” at least. So if your dog and cat are fighting, you’re not doomed. It turns out, there’s no reason why Felix and Fido can’t call a truce and … Read more

Why do cats purr?

this happy tabby is wondering why do cats purr

There’s little more satisfying than a cat sitting on your lap, contently purring away like a tractor. But if you’ve ever found yourself wondering why cats purr, you’re not alone. We’ve asked the “why do cats purr?” question too. Especially after finding out cats mostly meow just to talk to humans. Mind blown. So why … Read more

Leaving Your Cat Home Alone: How Long Is Too Long?

tabby cat left at home alone looking through the window

Cats are famously independent, and many people believe their cats can, to some extent, fend for themselves. Leaving your cat home alone for an extended period isn’t something frowned upon, whereas it is for dogs. While the latter have been studied extensively, there is much less research on cats. This leaves cat parents with few … Read more

Cats Sitting on Laptops – What Gives?

white cats sitting on laptops lie this one are warm

Why are cats so…weird? Analysing what our cats are doing, or thinking….or plotting (!) has been a favourite pastime of pet parents since, well, forever! But with so many of us taking to our home desks during the last year, it’s become more apparent than ever that there’s one thing all cats across the world … Read more

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