One or Two Kittens – Which is Best?

two kittens lying on mat - feature image for one or two kittens

Unlike puppies, kittens – especially from the same litter – can usually be homed in pairs without any problems. If you’re pondering the ‘one or two kittens?’ question then this article is for you. Lots of cat fanatics consider more than one kitten when they’re looking to buy or adopt so that the little fluffballs … Read more

5 Things New Kitten Parents Need to Know

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New kitten parents are the envy of most people. Firstly, they have a new baby. Secondly, the baby is fluffy with cuteness measuring off the radar. Thirdly, the baby can walk, talk (albeit cat) and eat all on its own. However, there’s still the issue of the new kitten pooping inside (on the floor, on … Read more