What is Animal CPR?

grey cat lying down - animal CPR should only be performed if there is no heartbeat or breathing

If you’ve ever watched a medical drama series, you’ll have seen human CPR being performed. You might even have covered it during a first aid qualification. But what about animal CPR? Though it might sound strange, animal CPR can save lives in an emergency. Just like CPR in humans. It’s not foolproof, but it’s definitely … Read more

Spay and Neuter – Should You Desex Your Cat

Spay and Neuter – Should You Desex Your Cat Explored

Should you spay and neuter your pets? This is the question on many an animal lover’s lips. It’s a topic avidly debated in pet parenting circles, vet circles and in the general google hemisphere. Why? Firstly, many animal experts believe spaying (female pets) / neutering (male pets) – , more simply, or desexing – is … Read more