14 Gift Ideas For Dogs and Cats This Christmas

gifts fod dogs include these reindeer antlers on two dogs

Thoughtful gifts for dogs and cats are an adorable way to celebrate your fur babies this Christmas! While stuck in (and out and in) of lockdown they’ve been the ones keeping us sane – and that deserves a massive spoil. We’ve searched high and low to find all the best things you can stash under … Read more

Taking Pet Pictures: 5 Tips for Purr-fect Christmas Pics

taking pet pictures of a dog like this is easy

The lighting is perfect. The wind is just right. The Santa hat is balanced beautifully. The camera is ready and your finger is itching to snap the shutter. Taking pet pictures is SO EASY! All the elements have come together perfectly to create a beautiful portrait of your best friend. Hang on, the model is … Read more

Christmas Dangers for Pets – What to Watch Out For

Christmas dangers for pets include tinsel

The tinsel is up and the tree is groaning under the weight of baubles. Your Christmas lunch menu is all planned. What could possibly go wrong? Anyone with a pet will know that brightly wrapped gifts, glittery decorations, and ALL THAT FOOD are serious temptations for furkids. While it’s mostly harmless, there are some Christmas … Read more

The Best Christmas Gift For Your Pet is Pet Insurance

A Christmas gift for your pet is pet insurance

With Christmas closing in quickly, it’s now or never when it comes to gifts. Not just for the two-legged family, but for your pet as well. To save you from presenting Garfield with a single, empty cardboard box, why not give the gift of pet insurance? What better way to show your pet some love … Read more

Christmas Dinner and Pets: What They Can and Can’t Eat

Christmas dinner and pets needs serious consideration about toxic foods

Christmas is a time to relax with our nearest and dearest. If your dogs and cats aren’t part of the ‘close family’ umbrella then…umm…you’re doing it wrong! Loads of us pet owners will put a little pressie under the tree or give our furkids a special treat for dinner. Some of us even invite them … Read more

Kennels vs Pet Sitters: How to Find the Right Holiday Pet Care

this woman thinks kennels vs pet sitters is an easy question to answer

With the festive season fast approaching, pet parents everywhere are wondering about the best holiday care for their pet. Kennels vs pet sitters, cattery vs a neighbour visiting, small and intimate vs large and social? Or perhaps even a luxury pet hotel. As much as we’d like to take them evvvverywhere with us, sometimes we … Read more

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