Protecting Pets if You Catch COVID-19

preventing coronavirus in dogs and cats is important

These days it’s impossible to sneeze or get a sore throat without thinking of COVID-19. If you’re a parent you think about your kids getting it, and as a pet parent you wonder if your furkids are at risk. Does coronavirus in dogs and cats pose a threat and can animals get coronavirus? The simple … Read more

Flying With Pets This Easter

pet tabby cat in crate before flying

Are you longing for a holiday which involves flying with pets? You’re not the only one! Since the start of the COVID pandemic, many of us have strengthened our bonds with our pets. We’re used to being at home with them for longer time periods. And you might even have turned to them for comfort … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: Pet Parents Have Their Say

We love our fur kids as much as this puppy and kitten love each other!

Love Your Pet Day is only one day a year!? Surely that’s not enough for us Kiwi pet parents? We need 365 days at the bare minimum. And some. And to prove that’s how Kiwi’s feel about our pets, PD has dug a little deeper and done some research. To celebrate the international ‘Love Your Pet … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination for Pets: What You Need to Know

A COVID-19 vaccination for pets would help this dog

COVID-19 vaccination for pets – is this something pet parents may need to start considering? It’s a question being raised by scientists and vets alike, and research has already begun. What we know for sure is that pets and other animals do get the virus. To date, although people have given cats and dogs coronavirus … Read more

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