IVDD in Dachshunds (and Other Dogs)

Brown Dachshund - their long backs make them susceptible to IVDD

Many purebred dog breeds are prone to certain health conditions as a result of selective breeding because it reduces genetic variation. IVDD in Dachshunds is a good example, as one that’s more commonly reported. IVDD – or intervertebral disc disease – is a degenerative spinal condition in dogs. Certain breeds like the Dachshund are more … Read more

Dachshund: Sausage Dog with a Heart of a Lion

The Dachshund is small and easy to carry.

The Dachshund is sometimes affectionately called a sausage dog. But don’t be fooled – the tasty snack is named after the dog and not the other way around. The infamous hotdog was first called a Dachshund sausage, but that was too long. So this cute canine is the inspiration behind a global food phenomenon! The … Read more