Puppy Health Care Milestones – The 1st Year

yorkie puppy being vaccinated at vet

If you’ve recently brought a puppy into your life, you’re in for a fun journey of learning, bonding, and lots of laughs. All the playtime aside, how do you know what puppy health care milestones you must work through to ensure your fur kid gets the absolute best start in life? To give your pup … Read more

Dog Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

dog teeth need regular cleaning like this collie's teeth which look healthy close up

We humans learn from an early age that brushing our teeth twice a day is non-negotiable. But when it comes to dog teeth cleaning, many pet parents are clueless. In fact, we’d guess many (most?) dog owners never brush their dog’s teeth. If you’re guilty of neglecting the doggy toothbrush, you’re not alone. But dogs … Read more

5 Routine Pet Care Focuses for Your New Puppy or Kitten

routine pet care for this grey cat makes it happy

Routine pet care is crucial to keeping our furkids in tip top shape right from the young puppy and kitten stage. Much like people go for dental check ups and take our vitamins to keep us healthy, keeping on top of your pet’s medical wellbeing helps ensure a healthy and happy life. From tick and … Read more