Active Dog Month: Dog Breed Exercise Requirements

pet owners make sure this dog breed's daily exercise requirements are met

Dogs may all be the same species, but when it comes to dog breed exercise requirements that’s where the similarity ends. For instance, your German Shepherd’s fitness regime will vary enormously from that of your Pug‘s. Knowing your breed’s fitness needs is essential for keeping a happy healthy pet… In fact, it’s a crucial must-know … Read more

Top Dog Friendly Beaches for Kiwi Canines

woman takes her dog to dog friendly beach in NZ

Dog friendly beaches in New Zealand offer the best of both worlds… Picturesque settings that welcome both people and their pets. However, not every beach accommodates canines, so before you don your sunscreen and hat and Rover hops in the backseat, be sure to know which ones do. Kiwi beaches are known for their immaculate … Read more

How to Safeguard Against Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

dog gut health

Arthritis in dogs and cats is a common issue among pets once they reach middle age. As it does with humans, the condition can cause pain, discomfort and left untreated may also lead to other conditions. Arthritis can negatively affect pets’ lives, but early detection can make an enormous difference. Find out below what signs … Read more

Active Dog Month! All About Dog Exercise

Let's celebrate Active Dog Month with the top dog exercise tips available!

It’s Active Dog Month, which means it’s time to celebrate by getting energetic with your pooch! And with good reason – did you know more than 30% of dogs in New Zealand are overweight? Obesity can cause diabetes in dogs (among other health issues), whereas dogs that are active are less at risk. Is your … Read more

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