IVDD in Dachshunds (and Other Dogs)

Brown Dachshund - their long backs make them susceptible to IVDD

Many purebred dog breeds are prone to certain health conditions as a result of selective breeding because it reduces genetic variation. IVDD in Dachshunds is a good example, as one that’s more commonly reported. IVDD – or intervertebral disc disease – is a degenerative spinal condition in dogs. Certain breeds like the Dachshund are more … Read more

Puppy Health Care Milestones – The 1st Year

yorkie puppy being vaccinated at vet

If you’ve recently brought a puppy into your life, you’re in for a fun journey of learning, bonding, and lots of laughs. All the playtime aside, how do you know what puppy health care milestones you must work through to ensure your fur kid gets the absolute best start in life? To give your pup … Read more

What is Animal CPR?

grey cat lying down - animal CPR should only be performed if there is no heartbeat or breathing

If you’ve ever watched a medical drama series, you’ll have seen human CPR being performed. You might even have covered it during a first aid qualification. But what about animal CPR? Though it might sound strange, animal CPR can save lives in an emergency. Just like CPR in humans. It’s not foolproof, but it’s definitely … Read more

Dog Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

dog teeth need regular cleaning like this collie's teeth which look healthy close up

We humans learn from an early age that brushing our teeth twice a day is non-negotiable. But when it comes to dog teeth cleaning, many pet parents are clueless. In fact, we’d guess many (most?) dog owners never brush their dog’s teeth. If you’re guilty of neglecting the doggy toothbrush, you’re not alone. But dogs … Read more

Purebred Dog Pros and Cons Explored

This is a purebred dog, a prized English bulldog.

Purebred dog breeds, from Maltese to Shih Tzu, have come a long way from their wolf ancestor. Selective breeding has yielded some of the finest dog breeds we love and know today. It allows us to produce unique looks, temperament, and physical traits in dog breeds. But the outcomes of selective breeding can have benefits and … Read more

How to Remove Dog Tear Stains

This pup is at the vet to remove dog tear stains.

If you think it looks like your dog’s been crying and they have permanent tear stains, it turns out it may be true. Which leaves you with two questions: is your dog sad (what went wrong!) and how do you remove dog tear stains? The good news is your dog isn’t crying tears of sadness, … Read more

Parvo Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, and Treatment

puppy at vet with parvo symptoms

Parvovirus (often known simply as parvo) is a deadly virus which can cause severe illness in young and unvaccinated dogs. We wanted to do our bit by outlining parvo symptoms, signs, and what you can do to treat and prevent parvo. The Facebook posts of animal shelter HUHA show a concerning recent increase in parvo … Read more

Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed – Why You Should

Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed - Why You Should

Have you noticed how all the Disney princesses have a pet that sleeps in their bed? The message is clear. Keep your furry BFF at your side when you sleep as an emblem of your safety and wellbeing. As it happens, sleeping with your dog can have mental and physical health benefits. Scientific evidence backs … Read more