Puppy Poop Etiquette: What You Should Know

This pet parent has brought her puppy poop etiquette kit with and is safely removing her pooch's poop,

There’s no puppy poop etiquette manual, but every new pup parent needs to know that there are some basic guidelines. Because no, it doesn’t matter that composting biodegradable matter is on-trend. You simply can’t rely on that as a logical excuse for leaving your puppy’s poop in the playground, on the park lawn or any … Read more

DIY Dog Walking Kit – Preparation is Key

Use the DIY Dog Walking Kit for puppy training

So, you’re going walkies or runsies? Read on – you need this dog walking kit to keep the ‘mis’ out of misadventure! Pooches must poop, they get dirty, and it could rain. While you can’t take the kennel and all the toys along, you do want to be prepared for the adventures ahead. For that, you … Read more

A Guide to Dog Leashes and Leads

Leashes and leads

Being able to contain your dog’s excitement and keep them (relatively!) in line outside the home is a must for responsible pet owners. As is pet insurance, of course. Leash or lead, call it what you will, the plethora of dog restraining aids can be confusing for pet parents to choose from. Here’s the definitive … Read more