Giving Up Pets for Adoption is on the Rise

Kiwi pet owner gives up pet for adoption

On-and-off lockdowns and social interaction restrictions have caused a sharp rise in pet adoptions across New Zealand. However, pandemic pressure has also forced many Kiwis to give up pets for adoption – this is the lesser-known story. It’s not all bad news, and you might just be able to play a part in building the … Read more

Interview with HUHA NZ Volunteer Clare Barrett

huha nz volunteer clare barrett raising funds at a market

Anyone who knows PD Insurance knows that we’re big animal lovers. That’s why we’re pretty passionate about our animal shelter partner HUHA. We wanted to find out what it’s like to be a HUHA NZ volunteer, working for New Zealand’s leading no-kill shelter. We sat down to chat to Clare Barrett to get a glimpse … Read more

The HUHA Story: Helping You Help Animals

HUHA stands for Helping You Help Animals and is New Zealand’s leading animal shelter.

Before telling the HUHA story we need to tell you what it stands for. It’s an acronym for ‘Helping You Help Animals’ and the organisation is New Zealand’s leading no-kill animal shelter. No-kill means HUHA strives for the best possible outcome for every animal it takes in while ensuring the safety and a quality of … Read more

What and How to Donate to Animal Shelters this National Pet Day

if you donate to an animal shelter you can help dogs like this black and brown one behind a fence

It’s National Pet Day this Sunday, 11 April, and as a nation of pet lovers this is a celebration we can get behind. While our own pets are showered with love daily, shelter animals across the country aren’t as lucky. If you’ve ever wondered how to donate to animal shelters, we’re here to help you. … Read more

Putting a Pet to Sleep: When is Euthanasia Humane?

This Labrador is being put to sleep to end the suffering of terminal illness.

Putting a pet to sleep can be devastating. You’re saying goodbye to your beloved companion. It’s not an easy decision. In addition to feelings of grief and loss, there will most likely also be feelings of doubt and even guilt. However, sometimes it might be the most humane thing to do for your pet. When … Read more

HUHA Ethical Gift Store: The What, Why, and How

dog in gift packet

The HUHA Ethical Gift Store is both an online and physical shop which allows pet parents to shop for their furkids, friends and family without any worries about whether they’re buying responsibly.  A brainchild of HUHA NZ founder Carolyn Press-McKenzie, the online store reflects her deep commitment to sustainable and vegan living. Something that’s gaining … Read more

Desexing Your Dog: Yay or Nay?

Neuter and Spay: Desexing Your Dog Explained

Desexing your dog is a big decision. In fact, it can be one of the biggest decisions in a pet parent’s life. For example, you may have concerns about potential mental and physical health drawbacks neutering/spaying could have for your pup. February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month but at PD Insurance we like to … Read more

Senior Pet Parents – Contingency Plans for Your Pet

Senior Pet Parents – Contingency Plans for Your Pet

If you (or mum or dad) are senior pet parents, maybe you’ve begun to think about your/their pet’s future. Who will take care of the cat if you/they pass away? What about if you/they have to go into a nursing home or similar? To a lesser extent – what will happen to pooch or puss … Read more

Avoiding Puppy Mills in New Zealand and Finding a Reputable Breeder

puppies in puppy mill behind cage

It might come as a surprise to dog lovers that puppy mills in New Zealand are a growing problem. Laws in New Zealand allow almost anyone to breed and sell animals with very few restrictions. As you can imagine, this means that inhumane breeding is difficult to control and condemn. Responsible pet parents should be … Read more

Can’t Keep a Pet You Got for Christmas? Take These Steps

If you can't keep a pet like this hound take it to a shelter

Getting a pet you can take care of for life requires considerable planning and finding that special connection. If you’ve received a pet for Christmas (or adopted at another time), becoming a pet parent overnight may have sent you into shock. Are you realising you can’t keep a pet? Perhaps you asked for a pet … Read more

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