Pet Vaccinations and Schedules in NZ

pet get getting vaccinations at the vet

We know, we know. MORE vaccination talk. But this time, it’s pet vaccinations. Just like the COVID vaccinations, pet vaccinations are there to keep our animals safe from potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. As pet parents we know animals aren’t too discerning about what they sniff, eat, and play in. All kinds of diseases basically … Read more

How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Lead? We Explain

This pet parent is training a cat to walk on a lead.

Training a cat to walk on a lead can be a revolutionary way of spending time together in the great outdoors, especially if you’ve an indoor cat. However, walking your cat on a lead can be like feeding your kids veggies. They either like it or they don’t. And while you persevere until your kids eat … Read more

How Do Cat Microchips Work? We Explain

Cat microchips only take a few seconds to implant.

Cat microchips are fast becoming the new normal, catching up with their dog microchip cousin. However, while microchipping is mandatory for all dogs in New Zealand, in a lot of our regions microchips aren’t a legal must-have for cats. That said, you’ll probably find almost every cat and his neighbour has, or will soon have, … Read more

5 Cat Instagram Accounts to Follow

These cat Instagram accounts make an a-meow-zing addition to your feed!

Ready to fill your feed with the coolest felines on social media? We’ve compiled five a-meow-zing cat Instagram accounts from New Zealand and the world because they may just be the purrrfect additions to your A-lister friend list… If you’re not already following them of course. 😊 From Kiwi fur glams to global business entrepreneur … Read more

3 Tips to Stop a Cat Biting and Scratching You

It's important to stop a cat biting to prevent skin punctures and possible infection.

There are three simple steps to stop a cat from biting and scratching you, which involve a healthy mix of nature and nurture. You can encourage healthy (non-scratching and biting) behaviour in growing kittens, just as you can make it clear to mature cats that punctures, scratch marks and pain won’t get them anywhere. Cat … Read more

Why do cats purr?

this happy tabby is wondering why do cats purr

There’s little more satisfying than a cat sitting on your lap, contently purring away like a tractor. But if you’ve ever found yourself wondering why cats purr, you’re not alone. We’ve asked the “why do cats purr?” question too. Especially after finding out cats mostly meow just to talk to humans. Mind blown. So why … Read more

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