3 Items That Are Harmful to Pets You Might Not Suspect

This Himalayan Salt Lamp can be harmful to pets.

Many common household items are harmful to pets, but might pass under the radar because they seem so innocuous. We’ve all seen the Oreos ad and know that chocolate isn’t good for dogs (and cats too). But what about the other household dangers lurking… Anyone reading this who’s a parent – to a human or … Read more

Pet Proofing Your Home for a Happy Household

pet proofing your home will stop your cat getting up on the table

Like all good mums and dads know, baby-proofing your home is step #1 on the road to good parenting. And pet parenting is no different. Pet proofing your home is not just for your pet. It’s for your peace of mind. No one wants woof or meow eating strange and un-diet-y foods or objects that … Read more

Lowest Maintenance Pets for Apartments

a rat is one of the lowest maintenance pets for apartments

Looking for the best pets for apartments and a dog or cat is simply too high maintenance for your lifestyle? Have no fear – there are numerous other pets you could consider. Let’s look at some of the lowest maintenance pets for apartments. Green cheeked conures Small in size but big in personality, green cheeked … Read more

Dog Adoption Checklist for New Pup Parents

Dog adoption checklist is successful for woman

Do you have a puppy-shaped hole in your life? Inviting a dog to be part of your family is exciting, but it can also be challenging. Hence the need for this pawsome dog adoption checklist (and its fur sister, ‘Bringing home and adopted dog: What you need’). Dogs are complex pack animals and they need … Read more

Bringing Home an Adopted Dog: What You Need

bringing home an adopted dog can bring many family benefits

So, you’ve decided on bringing home an adopted dog. Pet parenting, here you come! Hopefully, you’ve already thought about key costs and the positives as well as the potential negatives. (If you haven’t, read part one in this series, our Dog adoption checklist for new pup parents). Now let’s look at what you need to … Read more

How to Remove Pet Fur Off Clothes and Furniture

remove pet fur

You love your pets – enough that you’ve looked into pet insurance, right? – but find their fur all over your clothes and furniture. Are you ready for these quick fixes to finally remove that pet fur from your wardrobe, furniture, surfaces, and floors? Needing tips for your poor furry car instead? Read our ‘simple … Read more

Paws and Listen: Tips for Travelling With Pets

Tips For Travelling With Pets

Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing road-trip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. You can still achieve this when travelling with pets. Like the two thirds of New Zealanders who own a pet, your furry best friend is a beloved member of your family… … Read more

Tips for Travelling With Dogs, Cats and Horses

Travelling With Dogs, Cats and Horses

Taking your furry bestie on a holiday IS possible with good planning. First, visit this blog for an overarching view of just how achievable it is and to explore some of our tips to a hassle-free holiday with your pet. Already read it? Continue on… Because dogs, cats and horses tend to be the most … Read more

Simple Ways to Pet Proof Your Car Like a Pro

Woman in car with dog is happy after pet proofing her car

New Zealand has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world. Many more households than not share their space with a furry or feathery friend. If you’re in this group you know firsthand the physical and psychological benefits that come from their companionship. We love our pets like they’re part of the family. … Read more

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