Dog Alone At Home? Tips To Make It Easier for Them

Most of us don’t like leaving our dog alone at home because it goes against what we know to be true – dogs love company. They’re social creatures who thrive on bonding time. Whether it’s human or animal affection, they need companionship. However, leaving dogs alone at home is sometimes unavoidable and when it happens … Read more

Top Tips for Puppy Sleep Training

A happy pug has begun puppy sleep training

Are you awake all hours of the night with your new baby? We’re speaking of course about your adorable new puppy. Puppy sleep training may help your little one and of course you get some much needed shut-eye. The benefits of a well-trained pup go far beyond a happy sleeping schedule, too. Once your puppy … Read more

How to Stop My Puppy from Crying

find out how to stop a puppy crying through a reliable schedule

They say dogs are a human’s best friend, but they’re our children too. If you have a new puppy, you’ll know this firsthand. Especially when you’re wondering ‘how to stop my puppy crying?’ in the middle of the night when you badly want to get some shut-eye… Ironically, this period of the night when you … Read more

Positive Reinforcement For Dog Training

Brown and white dog being stroked sitting on grass

Positive reinforcement for dog training? Yes! There are good reasons why it’s an extremely popular method of getting your pooches well-behaved and happy. In fact, chances are that you’ve probably used positive reinforcement even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Which is great news, because research shows positive reinforcement has a range of … Read more

Should You Crate Train a Puppy? The Benefits

if you crate train a puppy correctly, they will feel relaxed in their crate like this brown and white collie

If you’re wondering whether to crate train a puppy please know there’s no hard and fast rule. For some pups, it’s a good way to learn obedience. For others, it’s not a great fit. Crate training can give your puppy their own safe space, or it can make them feel restricted and stressed. It really … Read more

How to Find a Trusted Puppy School in New Zealand

This pup goes to puppy school to learn obedience and how to read the body language of other dogs in a controlled environment. .

Puppy school is so much more than dog obedience training. It’s also a way for your dog to recognise and understand other dog’s body language and social behaviour. Then there’s no misunderstanding down the line. Plus, it’s an outlet for your pup’s boundless energy reserves, helping them be better friends to us. So, of all … Read more

How Do You Teach Your Puppy To Walk On A Lead?

teaching a puppy to walk on a lead

Ever seen those people walking their dogs where everything looks so…. controlled? Serene? Pleasant? How do they do that? If your walks have always been more like a speed run with the added bonus of a serious upper arm workout, fear not. Anyone can teach their puppy to walk on a lead properly, but it … Read more

Toilet Training Your Puppy – Tips To Help Get It Right

feature image puppy on grass for toilet training your puppy

Toilet training a puppy is one of the not-so-fun parts of getting a new canine family member. But if you’re diligent and know what you’re doing, you can avoid most of the accidents. Getting the toilet training for your puppy down pat quickly will set you and your dog up well for life and you … Read more

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