How Long Do Cats Live For? Find Out Here!

This pet parent is researching how long do cats live?

How long do cats live for? It’s a significant question for many Kiwis when planning to become a first time pet owner. For instance, a puss with a five-year lifespan requires vastly different spending to one likely to live for 20 years. For example, knowing your furry friend’s potential lifespan gives insight into your financial planning … Read more

Maltese Dog Personality, History and Facts

Maltese are devoted and loving dogs.

The Maltese dog may be on the small side, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to a big heart. Extremely devoted and loving, these perky pups love to be at your side every minute of the day, or better still on your lap. Maltese may look like characters straight out of a … Read more

How to Prove Your Dog is Purebred, Part 1

Find out how to prove your dog is purebred in New Zealand.

How to prove your dog is purebred is probably the first thing you’ll ask yourself before forking out thousands of dollars for a pedigree pup. This has become a hot topic worldwide, though especially in New Zealand due to the rise of puppy mills and resulting puppy scams. Both puppy farms and smaller breeders have … Read more

How to Tell if a Dog is Purebred, Part 2

Find out how to tell if a dog is purebred.

Do you know how to tell if a dog is purebred? Is it something you’ve wondered, or asked someone, or googled? As it happens, we’re seeing more and more questions around dog pedigree. And it’s not just pet parents asking one another, it’s also become a regular feature in the news, on dog forums and … Read more

German Shepherd: Personality, History and Health

Read about the German Shepherd personality and more in this article.

The German Shepherd is a superhero dog. That’s because they’re big, strong, brave and most of all extremely loyal. These dogs are highly adaptable, intelligent and love to have a purpose in life. For this reason, they make great companion dogs for loving and attentive families. And because they learn and listen so well, they … Read more

Purebred Dog Pros and Cons Explored

This is a purebred dog, a prized English bulldog.

Purebred dog breeds, from Maltese to Shih Tzu, have come a long way from their wolf ancestor. Selective breeding has yielded some of the finest pedigreed dog breeds we love and know today. For example, it allows us to produce unique looks, temperament, and physical traits in dog breeds. But the outcomes of selective breeding can … Read more

Friendliest Cat Breeds to Welcome Home

Friendliest cat breeds to welcome to your household

Are you hoping to welcome one of the friendliest cat breeds into your heart and home, then look no further – Google has sent you to the right place. That’s because we’ve listed the friendliest felines around and given you a rundown of their personality. We’ve also listed the friendliest cat breeds that people call … Read more

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