3 Tips for Travelling with Your Pet this Easter

Prep well for travelling with your dog in the car

The Easter period is dotted with festive holidays, making it perfect for a family getaway. And for many Kiwis that means our pets. But travelling with your dog or cat by car or plane takes a bit of good prep. You don’t want your pets getting overheated, dehydrated or experiencing intense cabin fever, for a … Read more

How to Choose a Pet Carrier

black and white cat in cardboard box pet carrier

It’s time to invest in a good quality pet carrier if you’re the kind of pet person that takes them everywhere. Not only does this mean you can easily bring them along on your trips and it reduces the fur flying everywhere, but it helps keep your pet safe and secure. Getting the right pet … Read more

Should You Crate Train a Puppy? The Benefits

if you crate train a puppy correctly, they will feel relaxed in their crate like this brown and white collie

If you’re wondering whether to crate train a puppy please know there’s no hard and fast rule. For some pups, it’s a good way to learn obedience. For others, it’s not a great fit. Crate training can give your puppy their own safe space, or it can make them feel restricted and stressed. It really … Read more

Road Tripping with Your Pet: A Guide

pet travel cat in a safe crate in a car back seat for travelling on the road

Driving holidays, whether short or long ones, are the best. We’re big fans of pets here in New Zealand, so it makes sense that we’d be big fans of pet travel too. Holidays are just better with your best friend in the passenger seat. And by that, we mean your dog, cat, or other furry … Read more

Flying With Pets This Easter

pet tabby cat in crate before flying

Are you longing for a holiday which involves flying with pets? You’re not the only one! Since the start of the COVID pandemic, many of us have strengthened our bonds with our pets. We’re used to being at home with them for longer time periods. And you might even have turned to them for comfort … Read more

Tips to Find Your Lost Pet on a Holiday Roadtrip

how to find your lost pet on a holiday road trip

Our pet parent research shows more than 25% of New Zealand’s pet owners are choosing to take their dogs, cats, birds, rodents and even fish (!!) on their road trip or away on holiday. Seriously. And our research shows this is increasing. Which means the chances of a lost pet while on holiday are increasing. … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Safety While Driving

Pet safety in cars is possible with advice

Dogs. Cats. Rabbits. Birds. Even guinea pigs. For most pets, car travel isn’t part of their weekly routine, but sometimes travelling with your pet in the car is unavoidable. Let’s talk about pet safety while driving. It can be fun! Especially if you’re taking them on holidays. You might be surprised by just how many people take … Read more

Treat Pets to a Luxury Pet Holiday or Pamper

luxury pet holiday

Everyone needs a break every now and then. So why would that be any different for your favourite four-legged friend? Does Boris need his own space to switch off? It’s time Bella had her pedi? What if you have to go away for a while on a business trip and your pet can’t join? Let’s … Read more

Paws and Listen: Tips for Travelling With Pets

Tips For Travelling With Pets

Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing road-trip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. You can still achieve this when travelling with pets. Like the two thirds of New Zealanders who own a pet, your furry best friend is a beloved member of your family… … Read more

Tips for Travelling With Dogs, Cats and Horses

Travelling With Dogs, Cats and Horses

Taking your furry bestie on a holiday IS possible with good planning. First, visit this blog for an overarching view of just how achievable it is and to explore some of our tips to a hassle-free holiday with your pet. Already read it? Continue on… Because dogs, cats and horses tend to be the most … Read more

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