PD Insurance

Company Background

PD Insurance: Simple, affordable, quality pet insurance with a fast and fair claims service

PD Insurance (pd.co.nz) is an experienced insurance provider in the New Zealand market, offering flexible and innovative dog insurance and cat insurance to those who consider pets a part of their family.

The company’s goal is to empower pet parents to be able to make easy, quick, care-based decisions around the health of their fur babies without worrying about the cost.

Straightforward insurance choices

Built on an efficient digital service model, pd.co.nz offers three options to cover the health and wellness requirements of the pawed members of the family:

  • Accident Plan: Covering the basics, which includes accidents and third-party liability benefits. Defined benefit limit of $5,000.
  • Classic Plan: Covering the basics as well as illness. Defined benefit limit of $10,000.
  • Deluxe Plan: Covering the basics as well as illness and dental. Defined benefit limit of $20,000.

Unique to pd.co.nz is its month-to-month payment model that’s free of any lock-in contracts – the ultimate in payment flexibility. So, customers can cancel at any time without penalty.

Expertise from a proven provider

While pd.co.nz entered the New Zealand market in 2020, the company is underwritten by Pacific International Insurance, which has operated in New Zealand for 20+ years. Over the ditch, PD Insurance has been building a successful insurance market share in Australia for more than 14 years.

With an enviable position as its own insurance underwriter via Pacific, pd.co.nz has the capacity for speedy claims decisions and customer pay-outs. Its local heritage combined with the weighty global backing of parent company Badger International means pd.co.nz has the credibility and experience to deliver high quality insurance tailored to the local market.

Headquartered in Auckland, the company employs a local team of animal lovers who provide support such as sales, marketing, and operations. As with all Badger International brands, the essence of pd.co.nz’s customer service philosophy is Simplicity (in service delivery) and Soft Landings (a commitment to providing customers a gentle landing in times of need).

Pet insurance is a no-brainer

Despite its research showing only 1 in every 6 Kiwi pet parents has pet insurance, pd.co.nz believes it’s a no-brainer to safeguard your family in this way. Insurance enables pet owners to get top quality care for their pets without hesitation.

With plans starting from as little as $1 a day, pd.co.nz is designed for simplicity in purchase, management, and claims. It uses jargon-free terminology as the basis for no-nonsense insurance that cuts the confusion. Potential customers can generate a quote in a couple of minutes, with full cover provided once the payment is processed.

Recognising a gap in the market with the efficiency of claims processing, its own-policy underwriting enables pd.co.nz to resolve claims fast. The company’s claims team is committed to settling within two business days of receiving all documentation.

An education hub for pet parents

pd.co.nz is here to bring Kiwis the coverage, support and care that helps them be the best pet parents possible. In doing so, it also has a strong commitment to ongoing education.

It builds relationships with pet parents in recognising that better animal care comes with greater awareness and understanding. pd.co.nz’s high-engagement model includes regular knowledge sharing through its blog, social media (e.g. Facebook) and articles tackling issues around raising, caring for and loving animals.

Giving back through animal welfare advocacy

pd.co.nz believes every animal has the right to be cared for, whether domestic pet or wildlife. The company is dedicated to improving animal health and wellbeing via a range of partnerships with like-minded organisations.

One of these is Healthy Pets New Zealand, which was established by the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Companion Animal Branch in 1998 to draw attention to the ‘big health and welfare issues of Kiwi pets’. pd.co.nz is its Principal Partner for 2022, working closely with the charity on educating vets and pet owners alike.

Another is Dogs New Zealand, the national kennel club. pd.co.nz became its principal partner at the beginning of 2023, seeing an alignment of their missions – to inform, educate and raise awareness of responsible dog ownership and breeding in New Zealand.