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How to keep your pet safe from the rise in dognapping

Pet parents are rightly up in arms as a spate of dognapping sweeps the country. With pet theft on the rise, it’s worth taking protective measures so your beloved pooch doesn’t fall victim to unscrupulous criminals with no regard for you or your fur baby’s wellbeing… CLICK HERE


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World Sand Dune Day a timely reminder for pet folk

As we celebrate World Sand Dune Day on 25 June, it’s an ideal time to think about the care and preservation of our treasured coastline, working together to help preserve these fragile habitats. Part of this is being responsible pet parents who keep our pets under control… CLICK HERE


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Vaccinate to help stop canine cough outbreaks & more

As airwaves run hot with reminders for us humans to get vaccinated, remember to keep your furkids’ shots up to date too. While pet health is the key concern, if your pup or puss falls ill with a disease there is a vaccine for, the vet bills could fall outside your insurance cover… CLICK HERE


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Top budget tips for pressured pet parents

Today’s cost of living crunch means many pet owners are struggling to pay for pet care costs. Unfortunately, some are being forced to relinquish ownership of their precious fur family in an attempt to keep their heads above water. Read our tips for reducing the strain… CLICK HERE


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How virtual services can help pets + overworked vets

Concerned about your pet’s immediate health but short on time and worried about vet costs? An increasing number of New Zealanders are finding telehealth the answer. Vet telehealth offers benefits for pets and pet parents and can even help overworked, stressed out vets… CLICK HERE


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Tips to keep you and your pets out of Easter crash stats

While we all take road safety seriously via buckling up, staying alert and not speeding, where many fail is safety with pets inside cars. Putting the pup or cat on your lap or leaving them loose in the car to wander is a recipe for disaster. Here’s what you  should be doing… CLICK HERE


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Overcoming the cat food shortage with these tips

The cat food shelf in the pantry is bare, and you race to the supermarket to stock up so Luna won’t starve. But those supermarket shelves are also bare! How will the master of your domain cope without her favourite tuna-flavoured kibble and cans of salmon in gravy?CLICK HERE 


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Adopt don’t shop and avoid puppy mills

This Wednesday 23 March is National Puppy Day, a day when we should stop and think about how to help save puppies waiting for their new life in shelters across New Zealand. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of the dark practices of local puppy millsCLICK HERE 


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Who’s responsible when pets misbehave?

You’ve taken your pooch out for fun at the dog park, and while off-lead he gets over-excited, races away and nips another dog. Unfortunately, the bitten dog gets an infection and becomes seriously unwell, resulting in thousands of dollars in vet bills. Who should pay?… CLICK HERE 


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Top pet medical claims for 2021

PD Insurance has shared its most common claims for cats and dogs in 2021 to help educate New Zealand’s pet owners about how valuable pet insurance can be in protecting their hard-earned savings. Read about claims figures for illness, injury, allergies and more… CLICK HERE 


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How to safeguard pets from the summer heat

With summer well and truly blaring, PD Insurance urges local pet parents to be extra vigilant with their pet’s health in the heat. The sun and humidity can quickly wreak havoc for all kinds of pets, who aren’t as capable as humans to deal with the summer temperatures… CLICK HERE 


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Health resolutions for your pet in 2022

Instead of setting lofty New Year’s resolutions for yourself, how about setting some quality health goals for your pets? Of course, you could do both – putting yourself and your fur family on the path towards the best 2022 yet… CLICK HERE 


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Be alert for dietary pet hazards these holidays

Christmas is almost here, but along with the fun and extra time we can spend with our fur kids, the festive season comes with an increased risk of them eating things they shouldn’t. Over the last year almost 10% of our dog claims in NZ were for accidental ingestion… CLICK HERE 


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PD Insurance partners with Healthy Pets New Zealand

By joining Healthy Pets New Zealand as its Principal Partner for 2022, we’re helping improve the wellbeing of cats and dogs in New Zealand. Our support means greater resources will be available to an important local charity that focuses on better lives for Kiwi pets…. CLICK HERE 


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Control our pets to protect our wildlife

Summer is almost here and as the days warm up our pets are just as keen as us to spend time outdoors. However, their innate tendency to stalk and injure wildlife mean it’s our responsibility to ensure they’re kept under control, to protect our precious native species... CLICK HERE 


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Heavy pets aren’t healthy pets – Pet Diabetes Month

With more than half the world’s dogs and cats being overweight, medical and emotional damage from pet obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Obesity in animals can cause complications in almost every system in the body, including life-threatening diabetes... CLICK HERE 


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Springtime frolics bring hazards for fur babies

Spring’s warmer days bring nature bursting forth in all its flowering glory, but these delights mean pet owners must be on high alert for allergy and poisoning risks for their dogs and cats. See a vet now if yours is showing signs of allergy distress – before it worsens… CLICK HERE 


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Your pet and COVID – what you need to know

With the highly infectious Delta variant of COVID-19 now here, you may’ve wondered if your pet’s susceptible to it. We explore this here and discuss what happens with pets if you go into MIQ, how separation anxiety may be a concern when lockdown lifts, and more… CLICK HERE 


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Get your purebred pup from ethical origins

There’s nothing quite like the sting of discovering you’ve been sold a poorly bred pup for way more than its true value. These handy tips will help you ensure your pet buy is above board, pooch withstands any scrutiny, and you have a problem-free purchase…. CLICK HERE 


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How to protect yourself from a dog attack

Despite thousands of years of conditioning making them man’s best friend, some dogs still have wild instincts. With one third of NZ households having a pet dog it’s not unlikely you could become a victim of a dog attack. Here are tips on how to deal with the situation… CLICK HERE 


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Kiwis putting up pets for adoption during taxing times

With an evolving economic climate and lifestyle changes putting strain on New Zealanders, pets are increasingly being given up for adoption. According to HUHA, societal shifts brought on by COVID, such as financial pressure and mental wellness issues, are top causes… CLICK HERE 


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Splitsville & the increasingly popular pet prenup

A prenuptial agreement has become almost a standard feature of divorce, making life easier by bringing certainty in difficult times. However, the one area where many ex-couples lack certainty is with the fur babies. If divorce is near, who gets to keep the dogs and cats?… CLICK HERE 

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Take Your Dog to Work Day research reveals so much

A survey of ~800 Kiwis unearthed startling news – just over half of those who are allowed to bring a dog to work wouldn’t move to a better job if they couldn’t BYO dog! And, almost one third of those who can’t bring dogs would take a pay cut if it meant they could… CLICK HERE 

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Helping children cope with losing a pet

The death of a treasured companion is something every pet parent knows they must prepare for and face as an inevitability. But for younger family members, dealing with this unfortunate reality can be especially traumatic…. CLICK HERE 

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How to choose the right pet for your household 

Cat person? Dog lover? These questions have no right or wrong answers, but they should be explored in detail by those looking for their very first pet. For the ultimate happy relationship, a pet needs to suit its parent’s lifestyle. Read our suggestions in this… CLICK HERE 

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PD Insurance stresses importance of a pet godparent 

With many seniors choosing an animal companion to share their golden years, there’s an uncomfortable reality that must be faced: what becomes of your pet should you pass away? Enlisting a pet godparent may sound quirky, but it helps safeguard their future… CLICK HERE 

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Easter pet staycation, pet hotel or pet passenger? 

Kiwis love to travel, and any borders being closed doesn’t mean most will be sitting at home over the Easter break. But what to do with the fur babies? Here are our tips to help you make an informed choice about holiday pet accommodation… CLICK HERE 

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‘Love Your Pet Day’ survey shines light on pet parents

While our pets should be loved and appreciated daily, this Saturday is officially set aside as international ‘Love Your Pet Day’. But just how much and in what ways do New Zealanders love our dogs and cats? PD Insurance has done the mahi to shine a light on the topic… CLICK HERE 

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Health resolutions for your pet in 2021

Instead of setting lofty New Year’s resolutions for yourself, how about setting some quality health goals for your pets? Of course, you could do both – putting yourself and your fur family on the path towards the best 2021 yet… CLICK HERE

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Holiday blues may equal pet separation anxiety

With a rush of New Zealanders set to return to the office after the summer holidays,
pet parents are facing up to a new reality that may include a tougher time for
the furrier members of the family – pet separation anxiety

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Tech and pets: modern gadgets for savvy pet parents

While nothing beats throwing a stick on the beach, the massive march of technology into every aspect of daily life presents unique opportunities for better pet parenting. While technology can’t ever replace quality time with your pet, it can help with play and care… CLICK HERE

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8 tips to protect your pet from the summer sun

With a long, hot summer upon us, pet owners are urged to be extra mindful of their pet’s health and safety. Unusually warm weather can quickly take its toll on furry family members, who aren’t well equipped for dealing with blazing heat… CLICK HERE

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Pet parent particulars: females vs males

Never mind the truth about cats and dogs, when it comes to pet ownership there are marked differences in approaches between men and women. Our research suggests women take the ‘pet parent’ rather than ‘pet owner’ approach more to heart than men do… CLICK HERE

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Holiday pet accommodation tips for pet parents

Kiwis love to travel, and the border being closed doesn’t mean most will be sitting at home all summer. But what to do with the fur babies? Here are some tips on how to house them while you’re away on holidays (or if you’re taking them along)… CLICK HERE

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10 considerations before giving pets for Christmas

With the season to be jolly upon us, animal lovers might be tempted to share their joy by putting a puppy or kitten under the Christmas tree. However, PD Insurance is advising Kiwis to avoid the urge unless 100 percent sure it’s the right gift to give… CLICK HERE

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Six simple steps to keep pets safe during Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes is coming… along with the bangs, whistles and shrieks of fireworks. Sure, it’s exciting for some, but terrifying for others, especially if they have no idea what’s going on – like animals… CLICK HERE

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Pet obesity a weighty problem in New Zealand

With National Pet Diabetes Month coming up in November and cuddly Labrador Drax making headlines in New Zealand this week after getting stuck in a dog door, PD Insurance says it’s a good time to health check your pet… CLICK HERE

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New pet insurance provider, PD Insurance, enters NZ 

PD Insurance has launched into the New Zealand market as a specialist solely focused on pet insurance. It combines digital technology with simple, affordable, quality policies, making it easy for pet owners to obtain an online quote and insure their cats and/or dogs fast… CLICK HERE

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Survey reveals: pets helping Kiwis deal with pandemic

Research completed last week of 1,000+ New Zealand pet parents reveals the vast extent to which their fur babies have provided comfort throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, New Zealanders have been returning the favour by saving more animals via adoption… CLICK HERE




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Find out about New Zealand pet insurance specialist PD Insurance… CLICK HERE

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PD Insurance fact sheet

Find out about what makes PD Insurance tick and why pet insurance is a no-brainer… CLICK HERE


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