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Product launch deepens alliance with PD

Less than six months after announcing a multi-year partnership, PD Insurance and Dogs NZ are strengthening their alliance by introducing a co-branded product offering that provides special benefits to Dogs NZ breeders and members.

The three ‘Dogs NZ Insurance by’ pet insurance plans echo those provided by PD Insurance to the general market – Accident, Classic and Deluxe. Policyholders will also benefit from the award-winning personalised customer service of PD Insurance, which aims to turn claims around within two business days.

In addition, those with a Dogs NZ connection will enjoy these big bonuses:

  1. 4 weeks of free Starter Cover valued up to $1,000 for Dogs NZ breeders’ puppy parents, to cover injury and illness, with no excess charged on claims made
  2. Up to 3 months’ free cover for Dogs NZ members who sign up for one of the three plans, with puppies aged between six weeks and 1 year getting the highest amount of cover

These offers will help breeders safeguard new litter puppies as they settle into their new family homes and help all kinds of new pet insurance policyholders settle into pet health protection.

Importantly, there is no lock-in contract on the month-to-month Dogs NZ Insurance plans and customers can move between levels of cover without penalty. They can also save 5% on their base premium when insuring two or more pets, with the plans available for cats as well as dogs.

A word from the pet insurance partners

PD Insurance Chief Operating Officer Michelle Le Long says that, as advocates for companion animal health and welfare, Dogs NZ and PD share an aligned mission.

“For dogs to live a long and happy life, quality care is necessary right from birth; and with an insurance policy comes great peace of mind around affording quality vet treatment. Launching Dogs NZ Insurance by is just one way we’re working with Dogs NZ to support and raise awareness of responsible pet parenting,” she says.

Established in 1886 as the country’s national kennel club, Dogs NZ is widely acknowledged as a leader in canine breeding health and welfare. PD Insurance became its principal insurance partner in February, boosting its efforts to help Kiwis protect their dogs’ health and happiness.

Dogs NZ Director Secretary Steven Thompson says the opportunity to develop a co-branded pet insurance product was one of the key reasons for partnering with PD Insurance.

“Launching Dogs NZ Insurance by is a big milestone for us, signalling another step forward in our 10-year strategic growth plan,” he says.

“We are excited to offer a tailored Starter Cover program for our breeders, reinforcing their position as caring professionals who produce quality litters. We are just as excited to provide members with the choice of three cost-effective plans, with the special benefit of up to three months of free cover.”

Why PD as a partner

“We chose PD Insurance as our preferred partner for a five-year contract after a competitive process involving a comprehensive proposal response and consultation. We recognised the insurance specialist’s outstanding reputation and commitment to providing a soft landing for dog owners and their dogs in times of need,” Thompson continues.

“PD has a shared passion for the health and wellbeing of companion animals, which helped earn our vote. So too did its flexible pet cover plans and exceptional customer service, including prompt claims settlement, that have earned industry accolades along with our respect and appreciation. We are very impressed by PD’s speedy rise towards the top of the NZ pet insurance market in less than three years and by its fast-growing relationships with breeders.”

Thompson adds that Dogs NZ has a strategic priority of delivering member value while appealing to new members as a modern and responsive organisation. He says, “We know that providing a low-cost, high-quality insurance product to help protect our members’ valuable pets is a benefit and service our membership will appreciate.”

“Our Dogs NZ Insurance cover being backed by means a fast and fair claims service, only one fixed excess for every claimable event – not for every vet bill, third party liability cover in all plans, dental cover in the premium plan, and so much more.”

Why vets and Dogs NZ recommend pet insurance

Rhea Hurley, veterinarian and Dogs NZ Canine Health and Welfare Officer says pet insurance doesn’t only benefit pets, but also reduces pressures on the veterinary industry. She explains that, unlike human health, there is no subsidisation of animal health care and vets are unfairly blamed for overcharging.

“New Zealand has a lot of free healthcare so I don’t think people see the price they pay for medical care,” she says. “For example, a particular type of surgery for a dog may cost roughly $900 whereas the same human surgery costs about $16,000. But the government or your health insurance pays that, so we never see the full extent of human health care bills like we do for our dogs and cats.”

Hurley says the high costs of quality treatment can have heartbreaking consequences when owners can’t afford to have their pets treated, and “when all you want is your dog or cat to be okay and someone puts a price on that… this puts a lot of stress on the relationship between owners and vets.”

“With quality pet insurance, that stress factor disappears. This is why Dogs NZ is delighted to be able to help pet owners safeguard their dog right from the beginning – it is a big advantage to both the breeder and the new pet parent.

“Our Starter Cover offer singles out our breeders as continuing to care for their pups after they go to a new owner; and for the new owner there is the peace of mind that for the first month of their puppy’s new home life they can be reimbursed for vet bills up to a certain amount.

“If they choose to continue safeguarding their pet and pocket after the settling in period, they can take up an ongoing Dogs NZ Insurance plan and enjoy protection over their pet’s lifetime.”

More on the PD and Dogs NZ partnership

Le Long says the Dogs NZ partnership involves a range of collaborative efforts set to make a big difference to dog enthusiasts and dogs across the country. Among these is PD Insurance sharing claims experience data with Dogs NZ, providing pet health insights in support of dog parents and breeders. This will help shape breed health testing schemes and the continued evolvement of the Dogs NZ Breeders Code of Conduct.

The partnership also improves both parties’ educational reach to breeders, pet owners, trainers and other dog enthusiasts. The two organisations work closely together on communication and education around responsible pet ownership and the necessity for regular health checks, sound nutrition and exercise.

“One area of particular focus is providing a wealth of information to breeders and new puppy owners to empower them to provide puppies with the best start in life. Having said that, our ‘paw in paw’ collaboration has the health of all dogs and their parents at heart,” Le Long concludes.

PD Insurance is also the partner of Healthy Pets NZ and the Department of Conservation’s Lead the Way programme.

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