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A paw in paw collaboration that strives to give New Zealand puppies the best possible start in life.

Dogs New Zealand & PD Insurance

Our Dogs NZ Partnership

An aligned mission

PD Insurance became the Dogs NZ principal partner in 2023 to boost our efforts in helping people protect their dog’s health and happiness.

As advocates for companion animal health and welfare, Dogs NZ and PD share an aligned mission – to inform, educate and raise awareness of the need for responsible pet ownership. We believe that for dogs to live a long and happy life, quality care needs to be provided right from birth. Insurance is of course key to this, as is the right nutrition, training, exercise and attention. 

Dogs NZ, established in 1886 as NZ’s national kennel club, is widely acknowledged as a leader in canine breeding health and welfare. Over its time it has maintained the national register of pedigree dogs here and been the country’s administrative body for pedigree affairs. Today it has a much broader focus, not only supporting breeders, but also dog trainers, dog clubs, dog show and competition participants, and regular dog owners.

Our partnership will strengthen the support we each provide our customers and members. Read more below, or visit here to learn about Dogs NZ.

Partnership Elements

FREE dog insurance, health data, education and more

Our Dogs NZ partnership, which currently spans five years, involves a range of collaborative efforts that are being revealed as time goes on. We are excited to be working together on several initiatives set to make a big difference to dog enthusiasts and dogs across NZ.

What is certain is the partnership will enable both Dogs NZ and PD Insurance to improve our educational reach to pet owners, breeders, trainers and other dog lovers. Together we will spread the message about how to give dogs quality care at every turn. One such effort is strengthening the communication pathways for delivering information to new puppy breeders and owners that enables them to give these pets the best start in life.

Further, our claims experience data provides Dogs NZ with pet health insights to empower it as an association that represents and supports dog owners of all kinds. The insights are helping shape its breed health testing schemes and ever-evolving Breeders Code of Conduct, for example. 

It also means breeders can sign up their litters for FREE insurance starter cover with no excess for a four week period upon handing each pup to its owner. This will benefit thousands of new owners annually, providing peace of mind that their pet will be protected during its vulnerable first weeks.

Dogs NZ Starter Cover

4 weeks of up to $1,000 in free cover

PD Insurance created a free Starter Cover insurance product exclusively for Dogs NZ Breeders to activate for their new puppy clients. This provides vital medical care protection for puppies’ first four weeks in their new homes, giving their owners more time to focus on settling them in. 

The product entails:

$1,000 value

Up to $1,000 in FREE pet insurance cover for the first four weeks of puppy ownership

Accident Cover

Cover for accidents like bone fractures, cuts and bites

illness Cover

Cover for illnesses like infections, skin conditions and gastrointestinal issues

vet treatment

The ability to seek treatment from any registered vet in NZ

No excess

No excess applied to any claims made during the Starter Cover period

Starter Cover recipients can then continue their free puppy insurance into one of the award-winning PD Pet Insurance plans.


  • Any new conditions diagnosed during those four Starter Cover weeks will continue to be covered for as long as the policy remains active
  • Any applicable waiting periods will be calculated from the start date of the Starter Cover

Partnership Media Activity

Our media releases and blog posts

PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

PD and Dogs NZ celebrate one year of linking paws

Next month we’re celebrating the first-year anniversary of the national Dogs New Zealand kennel club and PD Insurance partnership. It’s been an incredible period of sharing valuable pet health information, launching Dogs NZ Insurance by, evolving the Dogs NZ Breeder Partner Programme with free starter cover, and much more…. READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Vets under pressure yet performing well in the firing line

While doing their best possible work in challenging conditions, many vets in NZ and across the world often face the firing line from emotional pet parents. When the health of pet dogs and cats is at stake, owners’ words and actions can get unintentionally heated… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

In conversation with Dogs NZ canine health and welfare officer

Dog breeds without health problems is an increasingly popular conversation topic, as there’s so much talk about breeds that do have them. Notably, it’s poor breeding practices such as a lack of dog health screening rather than the breeds themselves that are at issue. Aware of this, Dogs NZ appointed a full-time Canine Health and Welfare Officer. We interview her… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

NZ pups helping with mental health and detecting rare diseases

We all know about assistance and guide dogs and the wonderful work they do for the blind and those living with physical disability. But did you know that specially trained disability assist dogs can help people with mental health issues and can detect the symptoms of rare and life threatening diseases?.. READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Why a pet first aid kit could come to your pet’s rescue

While most people have an emergency first aid kit in the home, car and boat, the supplies within are almost always suitable only for people. While that makes sense, when accidents and weather events happen pets can suffer the consequences just as severely as humans… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Dogs NZ Insurance product launch deepens alliance with PD

Less than six months after announcing a multi-year partnership, PD Insurance and Dogs NZ are strengthening their alliance by introducing a co-branded product offering that provides special benefits to Dogs NZ breeders and members… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Experiencing the 2023 NZVA & NZVNA Conference

Exhibiting at the NZVA & NZVNA Annual Conference was a highlight on the PD Insurance events calendar. There was plenty on offer in marking the 100-year celebration of the New Zealand Veterinary Association and key animal health and wellness issues were once again under the spotlight… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Dogs New Zealand moving ahead in leaps and bounds

COVID put a slump on many organisations’ operations, but not for Dogs NZ. It instead took the chance to overhaul its dog registration process from paper to online and automated. Although club activities like dog shows and training were stalled during lockdown, registered NZ dog breeders could now complete new puppy paperwork more seamlessly… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Pet nutrition 101: Feeding your new puppy right

Are you opening your heart and home to a cuddly new canine? If so, you might be wondering what makes the best diet for puppies. If, for example, you feed your adult pooch Purina dog food could it double as puppy food too? Also, what is AAFCO and FEDIAF dog food and where does it fit into your pet nutrition journey?.. READ MORE HERE


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Dogs NZ starter cover dog gets a soft landing after rat bait scare

Many Kiwi dogs have enjoyed free insurance since February thanks to the new PD and Dogs NZ partnership. To celebrate its first month, Dogs NZ members were offered one extra free month of pet insurance if they signed up with PD, on top of the one or more months of free insurance cover we already give new customers. Unsurprisingly, many dog owners took this up – including one of an all-too-curious Border Terrier… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

PD at Auckland Pet Expo with Dogs NZ and DOC

This year’s Auckland Pet Expo was a massive success, with more than 20,000 in attendance. PD Pet Insurance was proud to co-host two stands with our partners, Dogs NZ and the Department of Conservation. Together we flew our complementary orange, green and purple colours respectively… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

Dogs NZ chooses PD Insurance as principal partner

2023 ushers in a new partnership between Dogs New Zealand and PD. The long-established NZ kennel club has chosen PD as a principal partner for the next five years. Together, we will offer New Zealand breeders, pet owners and dog enthusiasts steadfast support for their puppies and dogs… READ MORE HERE


PD Insurance New Zealand Logo

PD Insurance and Dogs NZ sign exclusive multi-year partnership

PD Insurance announces the signing of a five-year partnership contract with the country’s national kennel club, Dogs NZ. The agreement comprises numerous collaborations that will strengthen the support each provides their customers and members… READ MORE HERE


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Our Dogs NZ Partnership


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