Vet Clinic Partnerships

We actively work with NZ vet clinics to provide pets with affordable quality medical care. Find out how we can work with you.

Why Join

our Vet Clinic Partner Programme?

As a pet insurance specialist with ever-growing industry connections, PD understands vets train hard and work hard. We know you invest lots of time and money into high quality pet care. We share this commitment and believe you deserve to be rewarded. 

By partnering with us in educating Kiwis about the power of pet insurance protection you’ll be able to treat more pets in their hour of need. Our vet clinic partner programme is designed to reduce the heart-breaking conversations you have with pet owners who are unable to afford vet care.

We’ll also take paperwork off your table, thanks to the simplicity and speed of our in-house claims service. 

PD Pet Insurance aims to reimburse claims within two business days so our (and your!) customers can focus on their fur kid’s recovery. This is just one reason why we win awards for customer satisfaction. You’ll be putting your clientele in safe hands.

 Let’s care for New Zealand’s pets, together

What Our Vet Clinic Partner Programme Does

For You and Your Clients

A PD partnership will help you spend more time working in your business rather than on it.


  • Peace of mind that kittens/puppies head into the world with starter cover.
  • Easing your clients' financial limitations so they can afford care.
  • No more heartache for either side because clients can’t afford vet costs.
  • Better health outcomes for pets and lower risk of euthanasia.
  • No claims paperwork - 80% of the time clinical notes are enough.
  • Flexible vet partner programme rewards options.
  • Supportive education materials to give to your clients.
  • Vet partner programme staff training tailored to your business.
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager for your business.
For You


  • Kitten/puppies (6-30 wks) can get 3 weeks of starter cover.
  • 3 simple, cost-effective insurance plans that are easy to understand.
  • 100% of vet bills reimbursed, less a fixed excess, up to the claimable limit.
  • Fast 2 business day turnaround for online claims with correct documents.
  • No lock-in contracts or cancellation fees.
  • 1 month of free pet insurance when they take out a policy.
  • Easy online portal for claims submission and admin management.
  • Easy movement between levels of cover without redoing waiting periods.
  • Discount for 2 or more pets on a policy.
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Responsible Pet Care Together

We’re aware of the link between pet health and vet mental health; one reason why we’re committed to educating pet parents about responsible pet ownership. We understand you often encounter tricky situations with customers in need, where they’re questioning the affordability of appropriate pet care.

Our dedicated team of experts does extensive marketing, public relations and blogging to grow New Zealanders’ knowledge around pet health issues, pet insurance and our brand, bringing our partners along for the ride.

PD’s commitment to raising awareness of animal welfare and the need for pet health cover extends into corporate social responsibility partnerships. For example, we’re proud partners of Healthy Pets NZ and the Department of Conservation’s Lead the Way Auckland programme.

We’re here to put this weight behind your work too, via our vet clinic partner rewards, communication and training. Let’s educate pet parents together on the benefits of pet insurance so more pets can receive the quality medical care they need and deserve.

Experience Our Pawsome

Good news for furry friends… We snagged the 2024 Reader’s Digest Quality Service Silver Award, the 2023 MoneyHub Favourite Pet Insurer award and the 2022 Canstar Most Satisfied Customers Award for Pet Insurance! Why not explore our month-to-month insurance and see what all the fuss is about?


We Cover

We’re dedicated to safeguarding pets, which is why we cover most illnesses and injuries you treat on a daily basis. Pet parents can choose from three pet insurance plans – with annual benefit limits of $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000.

Depending on the plan, they can claim for diagnostics, operations, hospitalisation, medicine, dental and other treatment costs, as well as third party liability cover and more.

Plus, as a vet programme partner, by registering pets between 6-30 weeks old for 3 weeks of free starter cover, you can ensure vet treatment can be given if an accident or illness occurs.

Pet insurance NZ

Pet parents lodge their claim online, with the bill/s and your clinical notes.

Pet Insurance NZ

We cover 100% of eligible bills less a fixed excess, up to the claimable limit.

Pet insurance NZ

Our goal is to reimburse them within 2 business days.

Your Clients Can Enjoy

3 Weeks of FREE Pet Insurance

for their puppies & kittens with Starter Cover!

Pet Insurance NZ

Easy Online Process

Pet Insurance NZ

Claim up to $1,000

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Accident & Illness Cover

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