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Dogs NZ Chooses PD as Principal Partner


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2023 ushers in a new partnership between Dogs New Zealand and PD. The long-established NZ kennel club has chosen PD as a principal partner for the next five years. Together, we will offer New Zealand breeders, pet owners and dog enthusiasts steadfast support for their puppies and dogs.

Our goal is to help New Zealanders nurture canine health and happiness from conception through to their early days and throughout their lives.

Together, the customers, partners and members of PD and Dogs New Zealand will gain access to important education, insurance specials and business rewards that support the health and quality of life of all canine companions in our fold.

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PD and Dogs New Zealand have a shared vision

The foundation for all successful partnerships is a shared vision. What’s so exciting about the PD and Dogs New Zealand partnership is how closely both organisations’ goals match.

As advocates for companion animal health and responsible pet ownership, both organisations have an aligned mission. This is to inform, educate and raise awareness of the need for responsible pet ownership and ethical breeding, and to provide direct offerings that help enable this.

With our combined efforts we’re better positioned to exponentially bring about the fruition of these goals.

“PD’s digital approach to service excellence means Dogs New Zealand will benefit from detailed data across customer demographics and trends. This will deliver actionable insights that can empower us to be an association for all dog owners, not just pedigree breeders and sports dogs.”

– Dogs New Zealand Director / Secretary, Steven Thompson

Much like new parents starting a new family require the tools and know-how to do so well, so do new companion animal owners. And like health insurance for humans, securing quality pet health insurance for registered Dogs New Zealand litters promotes a healthier Kiwi companion animal society.

Read our interview with Dogs NZ Director/Secretary of Dogs NZ, Steven Thompson to find out about digital registration, dog sports, breed health tests and more. Also find out about 12 PD Insurance birthday milestones.

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Companion animal health data

PD has provided pet insurance to New Zealand companion animals for well over two years now. By contrast our NZ kennel club has 136 years of experience in supporting all things canine. Why then, did Dogs New Zealand choose PD as principal partner?

Here are some reasons:

  • Customer first. In little time in-market compared to its competitors, PD has levelled up to become the nation’s favourite pet insurer. After we outperformed all other insurers’ star-rating (past winners included) we won the 2022 Canstar Most Satisfied Customers Award for Pet Insurance.
  • Digital first. Our digital-first, data-driven approach to business will provide Dogs New Zealand with detailed pet health data, enabling it to improve outcomes not just for pedigree pups but for all dogs. PD claims data will be used to help guide breed health testing schemes and the continued evolvement of the Breeders Code of Conduct.
  • Relationships first. Since launching in 2020, PD continues to forge meaningful relationships with pet industry specialists such as breeders and vets. The NZ Kennel Club ship partnership supports these relationships.

Find out more about PD’s recent milestones in our two-year anniversary article.

NZ kennel council registered breeder with a litter of Dachshunds

How else will the Dogs New Zealand partnership support breeders?

Through our combined efforts, we will bring free pet insurance – called Starter Cover – to new litters registered by Dogs New Zealand breeders. Having health care support from a puppy’s birth is critical to lifelong dog health. Breeders will also be able to access the PD partners rewards program (more on that below).

Like our NZ kennel club, PD advocates for ethical dog breeding and avoiding puppy mills in New Zealand. In addition to providing free pet insurance, advocating for ethical breeders, and educating potential and existing pet owners to make the right decisions for their pets are cornerstones of the new partnership.

One of the ways we are doing this is sharing videos, articles and guides on how to find ethical dog breeders. We also educate owners on common dog breed health problems and the best breeding practices registered breeders undertake to avoid these. Such as, for example, health screening and dog DNA tests.

Of course, as Bob Kerridge tells PD in a recent interview, “a better educated owner will be in a much better position to do the right thing by their dog”. This is why our partnership efforts extend from supporting breeders to supporting new puppy owners and more experienced dog owners too.

A registered dogs New Zealand puppy with its new owner

How will PD and Dogs New Zealand support pet owners?

The partnership will enable continued support for NZ kennel club registered puppies once they go to new homes with Starter Cover in place. After that period, their owners will be offered a great deal on dog insurance thanks to a special PD offer of another free cover period on sign up for a standard plan.

A puppy’s health requirements don’t end once it leaves mum and its littermates and goes to its permanent home. They’re only just beginning. This partnership will ensure more new owners can access high quality healthcare for their new ward and be well educated about its growth and development needs.

Speaking of education, here are some examples of PD’s knowledge-laden articles for potential pet owners and dog enthusiasts:

This content is shared publicly for buyers and would-be buyers to improve all aspects of their dog ownership knowledge before, during and after buying a pup. Another example of this is the PD Pet Care vlog:

PD partner rewards program

PD is proud to welcome Dogs New Zealand as a partner; together we will offer Kiwi pets support greater than the sum of our parts. After all, it doesn’t just take one provider to keep a pet healthy, it takes the pet industry as a whole.

If you or your organisation is interested in joining our pet care partnerships rewards program, contact PD to find out more. Not only will you receive discounts and rewards but so will your customers.

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