How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You

What are the best dog breeds? That comes down to who you ask. Dog breeds are very much a matter of personal preference, and usually the best choice depends on the pet parents’ lifestyle. For instance, those of us with an active lifestyle and a big yard might prefer a high energy pup like a … Read more

Brachycephalic Breeds: Health Conditions in Flat Faced Dogs

french bulldog puppy is on the list of brachycephalic breeds

Is your adorable dog – or potential dog – on the list of brachycephalic breeds? If so, you’ve probably heard about brachycephalic airway syndrome. It’s common for ‘flat-faced’ dog and cat breeds to experience this condition. It makes it hard for them to breathe and that leads to all sorts of knock-on effects. Like for … Read more

Spoodle: The Social Butterfly Of Dogs

Dog breeders are always trying to combine the perfect parts of dog breed personalities to make the perfect pup for the situation. In this instance, they really managed to strike gold with the Spoodle. The adorable Spoodle is the world’s #1 designer dog breed in many ways, including being the first designer dog breed ever … Read more

What is the Biggest Dog in the World?

this Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world

Dogs are our best friends and in some cases our best friends are giants! That’s right – some dogs are considered to have ‘gigantic proportions‘, literally. Interestingly though when it comes to finding out who the biggest dog in the world is, there are two answers. That’s because… Whether you consult Wikipedia or the Guinness … Read more

French Bulldog: Little Guy, Big Personality!

French Bulldog cuddles with owner

The French Bulldog is a small but robust canine with lots to offer, which is probably why you’re reading this! This relatively new breed started its story a few hundred years ago and since then it’s gone from being a ratter to a much-loved lap dog. Now that’s moving up the ladder for you. We … Read more

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Dog Breeds

Designer bags, clothes and shoes come with a hefty price tag – and so do designer dogs. Increasingly so! The popularity of these hybrid dog breeds is going from strength to strength. And on top of this (thanks in large part to COVID) the heavy demand for such designer pups outweighs the supply. The current … Read more

The Tail of Two Kiwi Labrador Puppies

Shilo and Rex are Labrador puppies that live in New Zealand

Labrador puppies Shilo and Rex are best buds that love sleeping on the porch deck when they’re not out making mischief. But not so long ago both happy healthy puppies got into a pickle… First there was Shilo’s broken bone that required immediate surgery. And then there was Rex and the dead bird that caused … Read more

Rottweiler: Gentle Giant and Guard Dog Supreme

blonde woman sitting with her Rottweiler face to face

The Rottweiler is probably one of the most recognisable dogs worldwide because they have quite the reputation. Though their sheer size can sometimes seem intimidating, these working dogs are incredibly loving and intelligent. However, they do need to be matched with the right pet parents for the happiness and safety of everyone. Read more about … Read more

Pug: Is This Small Dog with a Big Heart for You?

Did you know the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds around? Yet, little often means new – so you’d be forgiven for thinking this pint-sized pup was a modern breed. With their unbearably cute flat face and wrinkly nose, pugs have many sterling qualities that make them great pets. If you wanna know … Read more

Dog DNA Tests in NZ: What You Need To Know

mixed breed brown and white dog doing mouth swab for dog dna test nz

With loads of cute mixed breed dogs popping up all over social media, we’re seeing that ‘dog DNA test NZ’ is a commonly searched term. It looks like lots of Kiwi pet parents are looking to find out their canine friends’ origins, whether they’re secret purebred dogs or far-fetched crosses. Pug cross Great Dane, anyone? … Read more

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