PD Insurance’s Most Common Insurance Claims in 2021

boxer having paw bandaged - injuries are the third most common claims for pet insurance

If you’re a pet parent who’s considering insurance, you might’ve wondered what the top claims for pet insurance are. Maybe you’re trying to figure out whether it’s worth it, how much you might save, or whether dogs and cats are really as accident and illness prone as some owners say. In an effort to shed … Read more

Dog Ear Cropping and Tail Docking – Yes or No?

tail docking and ear cropping

Many of us would hope the practice of dog ear cropping and tail docking is a thing of the past. After all, it’s a procedure done purely for aesthetic reasons that causes issues for the animal. It’s plastic surgery for dogs, except the dogs have no choice in the matter. Hence it’s something condemned by … Read more

Keeping Your Pet Safe From Fireworks

white dog hiding under cover from fireworks

Festive season is fast approaching, which means fireworks season for pets and humans is approaching too. Fireworks in New Zealand tend to happen over big holidays like New Year’s Eve, as well as during events like Chinese New Year, Guy Fawkes, and Diwali. And while we love the look of the displays, many pets are … Read more

Karaka Berries and Dogs: Be Aware!

Karaka berries are poisonous to dogs

Karaka berries and dogs are are a deadly combination and now that it’s hotting up, the berries of this Kiwi fruit start ripening and falling. If you’re a pet parent in New Zealand it’s important to know how to keep your dog safe from karaka berry poisoning. The karaka tree grows on the North and … Read more

Halloween Pet Fun and Safety

Halloween and pet fun can include tasty treats

Halloween pet fun is all about tail-oring celebrations for your furkid. Trick-or-treats can for instance, include teaching your dog a new trick (like playing dead since Halloween is all about that kind of thing) and making spooky pumpkin-based treats for your cat. In this Halloween pet guide we’ll show you how to have fun with … Read more

Protecting Pets if You Catch COVID-19

preventing coronavirus in dogs and cats is important

These days it’s impossible to sneeze or get a sore throat without thinking of COVID-19. If you’re a parent you think about your kids getting it, and as a pet parent you wonder if your furkids are at risk. Does coronavirus in dogs and cats pose a threat and can animals get coronavirus? The simple … Read more

Is PD Insurance Good for Pet Insurance?

This pup knows PD insurance is good for pet insurance

Is PD Insurance good for pet insurance? Yes! Our insurance is affordable, online, easy to use and claims are turned around lightning quick. The local team are passionate pet people and they know insurance back to front, which means they’re as empathetic as they are professional. With Simplicity and Soft Landings at the heart of … Read more

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