What is the Biggest Dog in the World?

this Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world

Dogs are our best friends and in some cases our best friends are giants! That’s right – some dogs are considered to have ‘gigantic proportions‘, literally. Interestingly though when it comes to finding out who the biggest dog in the world is, there are two answers. That’s because… Whether you consult Wikipedia or the Guinness … Read more

Cushing’s Disease In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Being a pet parent is a beautiful blessing, and being the best pet parent means looking out for our furbabies’ quality of life. Your furball can’t say “Mumma, I think I’ve got Cushing’s disease”. So it’s important to understand what symptoms mean trouble – because a dog is likely looking at a much shorter life … Read more

French Bulldog: Little Guy, Big Personality!

French Bulldog cuddles with owner

The French Bulldog is a small but robust canine with lots to offer, which is probably why you’re reading this! This relatively new breed started its story a few hundred years ago and since then it’s gone from being a ratter to a much-loved lap dog. Now that’s moving up the ladder for you. We … Read more

Pet Vaccinations and Schedules in NZ

pet get getting vaccinations at the vet

We know, we know. MORE vaccination talk. But this time, it’s pet vaccinations. Just like the COVID vaccinations, pet vaccinations are there to keep our animals safe from potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. As pet parents we know animals aren’t too discerning about what they sniff, eat, and play in. All kinds of diseases basically … Read more

Is Dog Insurance Worth It? Cat Insurance? Yes – Now!

Is dog insurance worth it - this pup thinks yes!

Is dog insurance worth it? What about cat insurance? And if so, when should you take it out? These are high value questions for pet parents, all of whom want the best for their fur kid. The real underlying question is ‘do you ever want to put a price on your pet’s wellbeing?’ At its … Read more

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes, Woof!

A dog birthday cake with candles

Yes, there is such a thing as a dog birthday cake and we have some tail wagging recipes. You can spoil your pooch on their next milestone with many a delectable confection. From a moreish peanut butter cake to meat and veggie concoctions, we’ve recipes to delight a sweet or savoury canine palette. The best … Read more

Every Schnauzer Has His Story – Here’s Harvey’s

A cute miniature Schnauzer named Harvey

They say every dog has its day. For Miniature Schnauzer Harvey, a relatively new PD Insurance member, this was indeed the case. Not only did this dog have his day – he had three! And Harvey’s only a few months old. However, before his three good days of luck (read: well-insured quality vet care), he … Read more

Pug: Is This Small Dog with a Big Heart for You?

Did you know the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds around? Yet, little often means new – so you’d be forgiven for thinking this pint-sized pup was a modern breed. With their unbearably cute flat face and wrinkly nose, pugs have many sterling qualities that make them great pets. If you wanna know … Read more

Famous Dogs That Saved Lives in New Zealand

One of the famous dogs of New Zealand who protects his owner.

Dogs save us from many things, like loneliness, boredom, and sometimes they even save our lives. In this article, we’re celebrating famous dogs who selflessly saved human lives and protected us in times of need. If you know of Kiwi canine heroes who deserve to have their stories shared, tell us about them on our … Read more

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