Steve the Russian Blue Cat Shares His Tail

Steve the Russian Blue cat and his dad Richard

Steve is a Russian Blue Cat whose trademark is his urge to explore and discover new things. When his cat dad Richard opens any door, whether it’s a door to another room or a cupboard, he can count on Steve to come investigate its contents. Until one recent day, when Steve suddenly stopped eating, playing … Read more

Cat Health Care Milestones: 1st year

this kitten has had its first cat health care milestones

Kittens take their first wobbly steps around three weeks old, just one week after they first start to see and hear. At about six weeks they’re likely to have been weaned from their mum’s milk and the immunity gained from the milk’s maternal antibodies wears off. Having your cat health care plan in place even … Read more

Is Dog Insurance Worth It? Cat Insurance? Yes – Now!

Is dog insurance worth it - this pup thinks yes!

Is dog insurance worth it? What about cat insurance? And if so, when should you take it out? These are high value questions for pet parents, all of whom want the best for their fur kid. The real underlying question is ‘do you ever want to put a price on your pet’s wellbeing?’ At its … Read more

Siamese Cat History and Personality

siamese cat lying down on white slatted table

The Siamese cat and their piercing blue eyes are well-loved all over the world. Because they’re so distinct, they’re also one of the easiest cat breeds to recognise. But did you know they’re also one of the oldest known domestic cat breeds? That’s right. The Siamese cat has been around for far longer than most … Read more

Puppy and Cat Introduction: How to Get it Right

This puppy and cat introduction has been a great success.

Your puppy and cat introduction is something you want to get right from the start. Laying down the right foundations can mean the difference between best friends forever or bites, scratches, sibling rivalry and lifelong family feuds. We’re all for besties furever, so we’ve put together these tips to get you started. Puppy and cat … Read more

Is Chocolate Toxic to Dogs and Cats? Yes, Keep Easter Eggs Away!

This cat wants to know why is chocolate toxic to dogs and cats - but she's satisfied with a toy bunny!

While Easter breaks all the culinary rules and means we can eat chocolate for breakfast, there are some considerations. Besides extra teeth brushing, there’s the question of why is chocolate toxic to dogs and cats? And, just how toxic can it be? More on this below. Firstly, while you’re hiding Easter eggs around the house … Read more

Putting a Pet to Sleep: When is Euthanasia Humane?

This Labrador is being put to sleep to end the suffering of terminal illness.

Putting a pet to sleep can be devastating. You’re saying goodbye to your beloved companion. It’s not an easy decision. In addition to feelings of grief and loss, there will most likely also be feelings of doubt and even guilt. However, sometimes it might be the most humane thing to do for your pet. When … Read more