Cushing’s Disease In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Being a pet parent is a beautiful blessing, and being the best pet parent means looking out for our furbabies’ quality of life. Your furball can’t say “Mumma, I think I’ve got Cushing’s disease”. So it’s important to understand what symptoms mean trouble – because a dog is likely looking at a much shorter life … Read more

Parvo Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, and Treatment

puppy at vet with parvo symptoms

Parvovirus (often known simply as parvo) is a deadly virus that can cause severe illness in young and unvaccinated dogs. We wanted to do our bit by outlining parvo symptoms, signs, and what you can do to treat and prevent parvo. Why now? There’s an outbreak happening – you may have seen recent NZ media … Read more

How to Safeguard Against Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

dog gut health

Arthritis in dogs and cats is a common issue among pets once they reach middle age. As it does with humans, the condition can cause pain, discomfort and left untreated may also lead to other conditions. Arthritis can negatively affect pets’ lives, but early detection can make an enormous difference. Find out below what signs … Read more

Karaka Berries and Dogs: Be Aware!

Karaka berries are poisonous to dogs

Karaka berries and dogs are are a deadly combination and now that it’s hotting up, the berries of this Kiwi fruit start ripening and falling. If you’re a pet parent in New Zealand it’s important to know how to keep your dog safe from karaka berry poisoning. The karaka tree grows on the North and … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Pets: How to Help Them

Separation anxiety in pets is happening with this cranky grey cat

Our recent periods of social isolation thanks to COVID meant more quality time at home with our furry or feathery friends. Now things have changed, it’s no wonder separation anxiety in pets is a rising concern in New Zealand. In fact, shelters around the country (and globally) saw pet adoptions increase as people looked for … Read more

10 Common Dog Breed Health Problems

dog breed health problems are more common in certain breeds

If you’re looking for dog breeds without health problems you might be in a bit of a pickle. This is because dog breed health problems can happen to all dogs, whether they’re pedigreed or mongrel. Having said this, you can help buffer your beloved pup from medical issues it’s prone to – especially when you … Read more

Protecting Pets if You Catch COVID-19

preventing coronavirus in dogs and cats is important

These days it’s impossible to sneeze or get a sore throat without thinking of COVID-19. If you’re a parent you think about your kids getting it, and as a pet parent you wonder if your furkids are at risk. Does coronavirus in dogs and cats pose a threat and can animals get coronavirus? The simple … Read more

Is PD Insurance Good for Pet Insurance?

This pup knows PD insurance is good for pet insurance

Is PD Insurance good for pet insurance? Yes! Our insurance is affordable, online, easy to use and claims are turned around lightning quick. The local team are passionate pet people and they know insurance back to front, which means they’re as empathetic as they are professional. With Simplicity and Soft Landings at the heart of … Read more

Cat Health Care Milestones: 1st year

this kitten has had its first cat health care milestones

Having your cat health care plan in place right from the get go will allow for a well coordinated handover from mummy immunity to great cat health care… Kittens take their first wobbly steps around three weeks old, just one week after they first start to see and hear. At about six weeks they’re likely … Read more

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