Giving Up Pets for Adoption is on the Rise

Kiwi pet owner gives up pet for adoption

On-and-off lockdowns and social interaction restrictions have caused a sharp rise in pet adoptions across New Zealand. However, pandemic pressure has also forced many Kiwis to give up pets for adoption – this is the lesser-known story. It’s not all bad news, and you might just be able to play a part in building the … Read more

Want to Foster a Dog or Cat in New Zealand?

Foster a dog or puppy like this one in New Zealand.

Would you foster a dog or a cat? At the start of the pandemic, many did. As lockdowns saw more workers temporarily stationed in home offices, fostering pets rose in popularity. Many people wanted to have the loving companionship a pet cat or dog brings. Being a full-time pet parent isn’t always possible, so fostering … Read more

7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent

7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent in 2021

Being a pet parent is no walk in the park, yet it’s also deeply rewarding. Pet mum Rachel (who featured with her dog Maisy on NZTV contest, Dog Almighty) shares her thoughts on the topic in this article. She says “They’re just so amazing as really good companions. They’re never going to leave you or … Read more

Can’t Keep a Pet You Got for Christmas? Take These Steps

If you can't keep a pet like this hound take it to a shelter

Getting a pet you can take care of for life requires considerable planning and finding that special connection. If you’ve received a pet for Christmas (or adopted at another time), becoming a pet parent overnight may have sent you into shock. Are you realising you can’t keep a pet? Perhaps you asked for a pet … Read more

Pets for Children (Other Than Cats and Dogs)

pets for children like this guinea pigs can bring much joy

Are you wondering which pets for children other than cats and dogs would make an adorable addition to the team? And would you say you’re more of a Finding Nemo type or more of an Angry Birds type-of-parent? Whichever you are, when choosing pets for children here are some things to consider.  While you’re at … Read more

Pets as Christmas Gifts – Think Before You Buy

spoil your dog

If you have an animal-mad child or partner, the idea of getting pets as Christmas gifts can seem like a wonderful gesture. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled with the gift of an adorable puppy or new feline friend for Christmas? While a new furry, scaly, hairy or feathery family member can definitely make the … Read more

How to Buy a Puppy Safely in New Zealand

buy a puppy safely like these by doing your research

Yes, there are plenty of puppy scams happening throughout New Zealand. However, you can buy a puppy safely from a wide range of reputable and legitimate breeders. Many of these breeders use online platforms to connect with customers far and wide. Here’s how to check they are who they say they are. Keep a level … Read more

Puppy Scams: Top Tips to Stay Safe

puppy scams often feature french bulldogs

“Puppies for sale”. Those three words can be hard to resist for someone looking to add some big puppy dog eyes to their family. But with online puppy scams on the rise, doing your background research is vital. Once you’ve done your due diligence you can buy a puppy with confidence. The past few years … Read more

Ready to Adopt a Cat, You Think? Read This First

adopt a cat tips can make life easier for kids

Clever, cheeky, subtle or shy, cats are no doubt a popular pet in New Zealand. In fact, our latest pet parents survey shows they’re the most popular – with around two thirds of all Kiwi households having a feline family member. Want to join the crew? If you’ll potentially adopt a cat soon then make … Read more

Best Pets for Kids of All Ages… And Go!

one of the best pets for kids is a pug dog

Your kids have been pestering you for a pet, and up until now your answer has been, “We’ll think about it.” Finding the best pets for kids can be a daunting task… After all, family life is hectic. And even if you did the due diligence you’re not sure you’ll have time or energy for … Read more

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