Russian Blue: The Global Citizen Cat

Russian Blue cats are close to the people they love

The Russian Blue cat is pretty unique. Most cat breeds are bred intentionally, but this feline developed naturally (at least at fur-st). You could say the Russian Blue cat is a self-made breed… As breeds go, this fabulous feline has some other tricks up its sleeve too. For one, with its story beginning in Russia … Read more

Hypoallergenic Cats: Be My Valentine

owner holds siberian cat - top on the hypoallergenic cats list

What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift than a snuggle with your glorious feline friend, right? Not necessarily. For those who suffer from cat allergies, having a cat rub his or her forehead across one’s leg can be unnerving (and itchy and sneezy). Unless of course hypoallergenic cats exist? Do they? Strictly speaking, all … Read more

Why do Siamese Kittens Change Colour?

Siamese kittens change colour to loo like their parents

Did you know Siamese kittens are born all cream or white? In fact Siamese kittens only develop their distinct colouration when their body temperature drops below 33 °C. That’s right, Siamese kittens change according to their temperature! Siamese cats are famed for many things. For example they’re social butterflies and chatterboxes, and of course have … Read more

5 Hairless Cat Breeds You Need to Cuddle!

hairless cat breeds can be hypoallergenic

Hairless cat breeds are somewhat of a mystery. Do they need extra cuddles to keep warm? Do they need jackets in winter and sunscreen in summer? Importantly – Are they hypoallergenic? There are so many questions to ponder. Possibly the main point to note is that like furry cats, hairless cats are unique in so … Read more

What Cat Breed Is Most Like You?

cat paw making heart with human hand

If you were a cat, what cat breed would you be? Are you a talkative people-person who loves the spotlight, a shy but sweet companion, or a loyal friend who’s ready to take a bullet for the people they love? You probably know your star sign, and might even consider yourself a specific personality type. … Read more

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