Like this one, Maine Coon cats are generally strong and healthy.

Maine Coon Cat Personality and Facts


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Do you have your heart set on getting a cat and a dog… but you only have space, money or time for one? Fear not – we have just the thing. A Maine Coon kitten is the ultimate solution because he (or she) is big and loves playing games (like a dog) but is a purrrfect cat! Known for being adept learners, MCs are considered a sophisticated cat breed.

They can even do tricks like dogs. What more could you want?

Maine Coon cat personality

Whether they’re Maine Coon kittens or fully grown cats, they’re known for being calm, kind, loving and loyal. Because they’re so laid back, they can be outdoor or indoor cats. Just make sure to give your indoor MC ample exercise to keep their skeletal and nervous system and their weight in check.

If you have a multi-pet household, this Maine Coon cat is the perfect addition.

The dog of the cat world

If you have a multi-pet household, a Maine Coon kitten is the perfect addition. Not only do these gentle giant-to-be’s get on with kids and other pets, but they’re blessed with both brawn and brains. For example, as we mentioned before, MCs are highly trainable and well-known for having above average intelligence.

Along with being able to learn tricks and games like a pooch, this meowser benefits from the engagement too, just like dogs do. Besides being a big doggish for a cat, the Maine Coon kitty also sort of resembles a raccoon, although that’s only if you look at the shape of its tail.

Onto the size side of things, Maine Coon cats pack pound for pound as the biggest (non-hybrid) cat breed around. Males can weigh in up to 8.2 kg and females as much as 5.4 kg. And they’re seriously tall. They can be as tall as 41 cm and, including their tail, as long as 97 cm!

Check out this video of Felix the Maine Coon, playing a chilled-out game of ball after doing eight tricks:

History of the Maine Coon cat

Most breeds are created intentionally through specific breeding processes; however, our Maine Coon buddy is the exception. That’s because it developed through a process of natural adaption and survival of the fittest.

Find out the ins and outs of purebred dogs and purebred cats for more on how different breeds are developed.

Because the Maine Coon is a ‘self-made’ breed we’re not entirely sure of its origins. However, it’s widely thought to be closely related to the Siberian and Norwegian forest cats. And though it’s a guess as to when the MC was introduced to the United States, today he’s such a firm favourite he’s even the official state cat of Maine.

Psst … Is reading about the Maine Coon making you wonder which cat (or dog) YOU may be at heart? Click below to discover what pet you are and share it with your friends:

The Maine Coon cat’s striking physical appearance

The MC has lots of hidden talents and quirks. For example, many are born with extra toes, which makes them Polydactyl cats. Then there’s the walking on a leash, opening doors and playing fetch that they’re known for! Plus, their good looks include a distinctive furry ruff around the base of the neck, a bushy tail and ear tufts.

Want to take your Maine Coon kitten for walks well into its future? Find out about training a cat to walk on a lead.

Here are some more Maine Coon cat facts:

Life span12.5 years on average
WeightMales – 5.9 to 8.2 kg / Females – 3.6 to 5.4 kg
Height25 – 41 cm
Litter sizeAround 6 to 10 kittens
CoatDual coat made of an uneven topcoat and silky undercoat
ColoursAll cat colours
NicknamesGentle giant
brown maine coon cat stares into camera

Maine Coon cat health

Maine Coon kittens are generally strong and healthy, growing into Maine Coon cats that are just as much so. However, as with many breeds, they have tendencies toward specific illnesses or disorders. As a Maine Coon owner, being aware of what issues could affect your furry feline gives you a roadmap to keep them healthy.

Speak to your vet about health, diet and fitness according to your cat’s age, size, and health record.

Here are some conditions to safeguard your MC against:

Heart diseaseSuch as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
ObesityRead about National Pet Obesity Day and how obesity causes diabetes in dogs and cats
Musculoskeletal / nervous system disordersSuch as spinal muscular atrophy and hip dysplasia (read about hip dysplasia in dogs for more on the condition)
Kidney diseasePolycystic kidney disease is a big one

If your Maine Coon cat is behaving unusually, it’s probably telling you something. That’s because any display of undue behaviour from this calm and gentle cat breed is cause for concern. For instance, your cat could be sick or injured and can’t tell you straight out.

If this happens, it’s a good idea to visit your vet and have your MC checked. It’s better to rule out any underlying health condition early on.

This black Maine Coon has lots of hidden talents and quirks.

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