sphynx is often considered an ugly cat breed

3 “Ugly Cat Breeds” That Make Lovely Pets

Ugly cat breeds. Is there such a thing? Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we’ve seen people searching online and actively looking for ugly cat breeds – so either it’s a case of “cute to me, ugly to you” or people are just loving the idea of having a stereotypically “ugly” cat as a pet.

And why not? Ugly-cute is what made mini Yoda, E.T., and Chewbaca so famous and well-liked.

And arguably, Benedict Cumberbatch too….

But back to cats.

Honestly, we love them all – whether they belong on an oil painting or not. So we wanted to unpack the hidden beauty of some “ugly cat breeds” and why you shouldn’t dismiss them as a lifelong furry companions. As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Find out now what makes these three felines some of the most adorable pets to have…

1. Devon Rex – the first of our ugly cat breeds

The Devon Rex cat is instantly recognisable thanks to those adorable, tall ears and wide set eyes. They’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but we think the Cat Fanciers Association got it right when they spoke about their ‘elfin face’ and ‘large impish eyes’ coming together to make something quite gorgeous.

And the slightly eccentric look is a perfect marriage with their personality. They’re intelligent, quirky, naughty, and full of life. A bit like having a cat cross whirlwind in your house!

Unlike most purebred cats, who get their features through decades of deliberate and careful breeding, the Devon Rex’s unique look is all natural.  

Why Devon Rex cats are great pets

One of the Devon Rex’s best qualities is their affectionate nature. They love curling up with you for a cup of coffee, snuggling in the bed, and just being around their people. So they make great companions if your day needs a little bit more love.

  • Quirks. Devon Rex cats love getting as high up as they can. So if you have trees, high perches, bunk beds or anything along those lines, except them to be up there whenever they get the chance. They’re also very trainable and smart, similarly to the Maine Coon. You might even be able to teach them some tricks or commands.
  • Foodie fans. Ever had a pet who’s a mirror of your own personality? If you’re a big foodie, a Devon Rex just might be the right “ugly” cat breed for you. They love their food and will always be ready to share a snack off your plate. Some homemade cat treats might be in order. Just be careful of obesity and related health problems like diabetes.
  • Grooming. Devon Rex have short haired, delicate coats that are easily damaged. So instead of regular brushing, they need a once monthly (roughly!) bath to keep them clean. Make sure you check their ears regularly too – they’re so long and tall that they’re prone to picking up dirt and getting ear infections as a result.
ginger exotic shorthair cat - also on our list of ugly cat breeds

2. Exotic Shorthairs

Exotic Shorthairs have only been an “official” breed around the world since the 1960s. They’re basically Persian cats, but without the long, fluffy coat. So, short haired versions of Persians – how’s that for a tongue twister?

Like Persians, these ugly cat breeds are actually stinking cute. They have big round faces, little stub noses, and tiiiiny ears. They even have tufty hairs sticking out between their little toes. What more could you ask?? And they often look a little bit sad or sulky, like the cat version of a Bassett Hound. Which makes them doubly endearing, if you ask us. You just want to hug them and comfort them!

Just know that if you get an Exotic Shorthair, they want you to be close. So if you’re out and about or away from home a lot, be wary of pet separation anxiety setting in.

What makes Exotic Shorthairs great pets?

Exotic Shorthairs love a good cuddle, but they’re also playful and personable. Their easygoing nature makes them one of the best pets for apartments. But if you give them the chance to play, they’ll grab it with both paws.

  • Quirks. Exotic Shorthairs are ‘late bloomers’, staying childish or adolescent for a long time in cat years. You know what that means? Lots of cute kitten playtime and sneak attacks for way longer than normal 💖
  • Grooming. Exotic Shorthairs are quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming. In fact, they’re sometimes called the Lazy Man’s Persian because their short coats require much less care and attention than their long-haired cousins.

3. Sphynx

You might have guessed the Sphynx would make an appearance on our list of ugly cat breeds. Whether you love them or not, they definitely have the world divided over their unique looks.

Although they all look hairless, some Sphynx may have a fine layer of thin fur that’s difficult to see unless you’re close up. Nothwithstanding this, a lot of them are completely hairless. A Sphynx’s skin is the same colour as their fur would be if they had a coat. So that means they can even have markings the same way a regular cat would. Just like some cats have spots, stripes, or patches, so can a Sphynx.

In addition to having no fur, or very little fur, Sphynx cats have short whiskers – and sometimes they don’t have them at all.

On top of that, they have thicker paw pads than most cats so look a bit like they’re wearing shoes a size too big! And there’s none of those big, bushy tails. Sphynx tails are long, thin and tapered.

Why the “ugly cat breed” Sphynx makes a great pet

Sphynx are very friendly cats and love interaction with humans. They’re loving, loyal, and extremely clever. If you want a “dog-like” cat, this is a great option for a pet. Alongside Burmese cats. Maybe one of each?

Other Sphynx traits:

  • Quirks. If you love to dress up your pet in all the latest fashion, you’ll have an absolute ball of a time with a Sphynx. They have no hair, so it makes sense they’d easily get cold during winter. Which means jerseys, jackets, and cute little coats galore. On hot summer days, you’ll need to keep them in the shade or invest in some extra sunscreen because they burn very easily. Just another way of making sure they get treated like the royalty they are.
  • Grooming. Just like other cats, Sphynx skin produces oils. But unlike other cats, they don’t have fur to absorb it. So, like the Devon Rex breed, you should bath them regularly. In fact, you can bath them as often as once a week to keep their skin healthy.
sphynx is one of the ugliest cat breeds

Pet insurance for your ugly cat breeds

Whether you’ve a conventionally gorgeous cat like the Bengal, one of the ugly cat breeds above, or a cat known for their friendly temperament, we’ve a cat insurance plan to suit them. Because they’re all equally as lovable to us.

With a tailored insurance policy to suit their needs, you’ll have a financial safeguard against things like accidents, illnesses, and vet visits.

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