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How to Talk to Cats

Have you ever wondered how to talk to cats? If you’re not quite fluent in cat-language yet, we’re here to help.

Here’s our guide to cat language, decoded for your reading pleasure. But we have to give a warning…. you and puss still might not always agree on some things, even once you do know how to talk to cats.

Learn how to talk to cats – quickly!

This article is all about how to talk to cats so they can understand you. Not necessarily the other way round.

But two-way communication is key in any great relationship, we know. So if your cat is desperately trying to communicate with you and you’re left scratching your head in confusion, also read our article about decoding cat body language.

Now, let’s learn some key phrases. Language class is in session!

How do you say “I love you” in cat?

If you want to talk to cats, one of the first phrases you need to learn is “I love you” of course. It’s the best way to get off on the right foot. Or is that paw?

Here are five ways to say ‘I love you’ in cat:

  1. Blink slowly (see why the slow blink works here)
  2. Rub your forehead or cheek against theirs – just like how they headbutt you
  3. Respond to any licks by stroking your cat to show your affection
  4. Meow back at them. Yep, it really works! Try to copy their specific meow
  5. Sleep with your cat in your bed

If your cat’s afraid or stressed out, reassuring them of your (unconditional, right?) love can help. So spread those warm and fuzzies with these ways to pamper your cat.

rubbing your forehead against your cat is a way to talk to cats and tell them you love them

Showing cats you understand without talking

Dog lovers will know that dogs happily make their feelings known. Cats, on the other hand, prefer you to figure it out for yourself.

The good news is you’re probably already responding to a lot of your cat’s communication without even knowing. The other bit of good news? We’ll fast-track your cat talk skills by giving you some easy ways to tell your cat you understand them.

  • Find out why cats purr and how to understand the different types of purr. Then you can respond appropriately. Hint: they have a special purr they use when they want something from humans.
  • Understanding cat behaviour means you’re one step closer to successfully interpreting those weird feline quirks your cat displays. After all, they’re a naturally quirky species. And we love them for it.
  • Figure out how to love your pet in the way they want. While you might think you’re showing your love the right way, perhaps it’s not what your cat had in mind?
  • Taking care of their basic needs and routine pet care will help your cat feel loved, secure, and content. Like humans, a healthy cat is a happy cat. A cat who is in pain or sick will likely feel scared or anxious. They might even be aggressive.
  • Who doesn’t like a treat? Spoiling your cat from time to time shows them you’re on their side. Think along the lines of a fancy treat, some catnip toys, or even just a bit of extra playtime. You know your cat best, so pick something they’ll love.

And while you’re showing your cat you understand them, check outwhat your pet parenting style is. Like kids, certain pets respond better to different parenting styles. Maybe some flexibility is needed to take your communication with kitty to the next level.

Do you have cat insurance?

Your cat might not realise it at the time, but cat insurance is a thoughtful gift for pets. That way, you’ll have their back when it comes to your cat’s health. And with affordable pet insurance available online, it couldn’t be easier to get your paws on.

How to talk to cats – over to you

How do you talk to cats? Share a photo or video on our Facebook page, especially if you have a talkative feline friend!

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