Are all ginger cats male? No, but this one is.

Are All Ginger Cats Male? Almost, Here’s Why

Are all ginger cats male? We’ve decided to unpack this popular myth and get down to some fun chromosome data, seeing as it’s Ginger Cat Appreciation Day on 1st September. What better time to dispel this widespread misconception than now?

In this article, we’ll also debunk another misconception about tabby cats being a cat breed. Without further ado, let’s get into the how and why of these gorgeous little tigers…

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, 1st September

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day happens on the 1st of September every year. To mark this special occasion, cat lovers around the world celebrate red, orange, auburn, yellow and strawberry-coated cats. Of course, every day is a good one to celebrate your cat, and every coat colour is ameowsing in its own right!

Here are some ways to make your ginger cat feel pawsome on its special day (as if they didn’t anyway):

Check out this hilarious video of ginger cat antics:

Are all ginger cats male? The answer is no!

Many people believe that all ginger cats are male. However, you get female ginger cats too. This popular misconception is not entirely fabricated, but it’s a very broad generalisation to say the least.

For every ginger female cat, you’ll find there are about three ginger males. So while not all ginger cats are male, most are. Let’s take a quick look at why:

Why are ginger cats usually male?

Our genetic information maps the way we look. Genetic information can be exclusive to a specific chromosome. For example, the ginger gene in cats is only in the X chromosome.

Male cats have one X chromosome, whereas females have two. What does this mean? Put simply, females need two copies of this gene to become ginger. In other words, it’s less likely to get this match in a female than in a male.

Ginger cat dads can father tortoiseshell kittens and the occasional ginger. When a ginger dad pairs up with a ginger mum, you get a whole batch of ginger kittens! Meow.

Not all ginger cats are male, but most are, like this kitten.

Ginger cats are always tabbies

Ginger cats are always tabbies, but not all tabbies are ginger! Tabby is actually a coat type (and not a breed, which is another common misconception). Lots of breeds sport tabby coats. A tabby coat signature is an ‘M’ shaped pattern in the fur on the forehead.

Another cool tabby signature is their fur. Tabbies have agouti fur, which has patterned pigmentation. Each strand of fur has light and dark segments that catch the light differently. One of the most famous ginger tabbies of all time is the lasagne scoffing Garfield. Read about him and other famous cats here.

Now that you know that not all but most ginger cats are male, watch this cute kitten make friends with a hatchling:

Cat insurance for cats of all stripes

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But whether it’s a case of the unexpected, or a routine visit to the vet, having pet insurance helps pay those bills and reduce your costs. So you can keep your focus where you need it most, on your pet.

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