Tech & Your Pets:

Modern Gadgets for the Savvy Pet Parent

While nothing beats throwing a stick on the beach, the massive march of technology into every aspect of daily life presents unique opportunities for better pet parenting.

Everyday products and apps enrich our lives with convenience and connectivity, and the same is possible for pet ownership. Savvy use of technology can help us foster better relationships with, and deliver better care for, our cats and dogs.

That’s according to Michelle Le Long, head of operations at pet insurance provider PD Insurance. “While technology can’t ever replace quality time with your pet, it can help with play, care and even a little over-the-top fun. These days there are some seriously cool products that make for a great potential gift for the pets or pet lovers in your family.”

Pet care

While others might shrug their shoulders, there’s little doubt of the appeal to pet parents of contraptions that make the less glamorous aspects easier.

Cat lovers draw closer! Behold, the self-cleaning robotic litterbox. The Litter Robot 3 means never scooping poop again, and it automatically provides a clean bed of litter for each use. Like a lot of smart technology today, you can even monitor it remotely using your mobile phone.

Many pet parents fret about the location of their dog or cat, especially when away from home (and even more especially when you own a beagle or other notoriously peripatetic breed). Check out Tractive’s GPS Tracker for Dogs, and wonder about the wanderer no longer. Cool features include a waterproof design and a ‘live’ mode with position updates every few seconds.

A constant supply of clean drinking water is as essential as air and love for a happy pet. Take the guesswork out of hydration with the Fresco Smart Water Fountain. Not only does this clever gadget deliver fresh filtered water (no more hairballs, dust or heavy metals), it alerts you via a free app well before levels get low. The 2L Fresco also warns you when it’s time to switch filters.

Ponder what the fur babies are up to while you’re away? Ponder no longer with the Petcube Cam. As the name implies, this 1080p webcam keeps you connected to your pet, wherever you are, with two-way audio and even a dose of night vision to keep tabs on its nocturnal activities.

Pet play

Pets are often at their happiest when at play with their humans. There’s a ton of clever tech gadgets out there to enhance the joy of leisure time, even when you can’t be face to fur. Like Petcube’s play cam, which enables you to spend quality time with your pet pal remotely. This goes a step further than the ‘regular’ cam by incorporating a laser pointer and voice control.

Got a dog who loves playing ball? The iFetch Too automatic ball launcher makes fun exercise super easy, effortlessly bouncing out balls all day long. Train your dog to return them…and away they go again. With various distances up to 12m, and a ‘random’ mode, the iFetch Too mixes it up, keeping your dog on his or her toes for every play session.

Described as delightfully smart, fun and, well, wicked, Wicked Bone is an interactive toy delivering all the fun of a traditional bone without the messy and unhealthy drawbacks. Not only does this gadget move around on its own, it reacts and interacts with your dog, keeping him or her entertained for hours. Connect it to the app, and you’re ready for hilarious fun together.

Further, faster, higher – that’s what smart technology is all about. And as for over-the-top, that’s for you to decide.

Le Long says while there are some staggeringly clever pet tech developments which are sure to confound, impress and delight, the basics of positive pet parenting remain the same.

“Pets want love, exercise, companionship, nutritious food and clean water. And because pets are a lot like humans in needing regular checkups and occasional more advanced medical care, the modern tech-savvy pet parent also takes out insurance for their fur pals. We’ve made our online pet insurance simple, affordable and fast – for as little as a dollar a day, you can make quality pet care easy – and give yourself a soft landing when faced with a hefty vet bill.”


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