New pet insurance

provider enters New Zealand market

PD Insurance has launched into the New Zealand market as a specialist solely focused on pet insurance. It combines digital technology with simple, affordable, quality policies, making it easy for pet owners to obtain an online quote and insure their cats and/or dogs fast.

PD Insurance is a product of underwriter Pacific International Insurance, which has operated in New Zealand for 20 years. Sharing the same expert Auckland-based team means PD Insurance has the capacity for speedy claims decisions and customer pay-outs.

Pacific International is in turn owned by global parent company Badger International, founded by CEO Brad Hogan 25 years ago.

PD Insurance ready to safeguard New Zealanders

Hogan comments, “As with all Badger International brands, the essence of PD Insurance’s customer service philosophy is Simplicity, in service delivery, and Soft Landings, our commitment to providing customers a gentle landing in times of need.”

Experienced insurance industry figure Michelle Le Long has the reins as PD Insurance Head of New Zealand Operations and says the company’s goal is to empower pet parents to make easy, quick, care-based decisions on their pet’s health without worrying about cost.

“We have tailored our offering to pet parents who want easy insurance paired with fast and fair claims resolutions. New Zealanders love their dogs and cats, and we are here to make sure their pets get the care they deserve with no-hassle, high-value cover,” she says.

Unique to the market is its month-to-month payment model that does not lock customers into a contract, so they can cancel anytime without penalty.

New research from a new provider

Le Long describes New Zealand’s pet parents as underinsured, with just 15% of the 1,000+ respondents in a recent online survey conducted by the company indicating their pet has any sort of pet insurance policy.

“Part of the problem is many people just aren’t aware of pet insurance or they are unsure what is covered because policy wording can be so confusing. That is why PD Insurance provides simple, jargon-free plans as a point of difference,” she says.

“Then there are perceptions around pricing; while a hefty vet bill is almost inevitable, insurance is available for as little as a dollar a day.”

Le Long believes there is considerable opportunity for a new local pet insurance provider.

“New Zealanders share their homes with over 1.2 million cats and 851,000 dogs1. When you consider the low percentage of pet owners with any insurance cover, it is obvious the market is ripe for disruption,” she concludes.

PD Insurance has been building a successful insurance market share in Australia for more than 14 years with its car insurance offering.

Further data from the PD Insurance survey, completed last week by global market research firm Dynata, includes:

  • Respondents who do not have pet insurance gave these top five reasons why:

  1. It’s too expensive – 64%

  2. I can’t see the value outweighing the cost – 35%

  3. I’m not sure what’s covered – 17%

  4. No one I know has it – 14%

  5. Other – 7%

  • Respondents who do have pet insurance gave these top five reasons why:

  1. I want to protect my pet however I can – 55%

  2. I don’t want to make a decision between money and my pet’s life – 48%

  3. It’s a part of being a responsible pet owner – 44%

  4. I couldn’t afford a vet bill if my animal was seriously ill or injured – 39%

  5. Everyone/most people around me do so I do too – 12%

  • 53% of respondents say they either can’t (18%) or aren’t sure (35%) if they can afford a $1000+ vet bill

  • 16% of respondents who have/have had insurance in the past say they had claimed $2,500-$5,000 in just one year from their insurer and another 4% had claimed more

For more findings from PD Insurance’s consumer survey click here.


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1 Companion Animals in New Zealand report, 2020