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Can Cats Eat…Raw Chicken, Eggs, Chocolate? And More!


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Ever seen your cat hopefully lurking near your dinner table and wondered “can cats eat this?”

It’s a regular occurrence in the home of pet parents, whether you’re looking to give kitty a snack so they take their medicine or whether those big eyes begging for a treat are just too much for you to bear as you’re eating your breakfast.

So, bookmark this page (and our tips for giving medication to cats). Next time you’re stuck wondering if cats can eat raw chicken, chocolate, or grapes, you can just check this list and see whether Felix can share that titbit from your fridge.

tabby cat grabbing raw chicken from counter top to eat

Can cats eat…?

Let’s get down to business! Here are a few things cat owners are always wondering about, diet-wise:

  • Can cats eat raw chicken? Chicken feet?

Meat should ideally always be cooked, to reduce the risk of food poisoning and bacteria. Chicken feet could cause choking due to the bones, so are best avoided.

  • Can cats eat chocolate?

People often wonder: can cats eat chocolate? Short answer: no. It’s not as poisonous to them as dogs, but still best avoided. That means cats can’t eat chocolate pudding or anything else with cocoa either!

  • Can cats eat cheese and milk?

Most cats are actually lactose intolerant – so it’s best to leave the milk and cheese alone.

  • Can cats eat eggs?

Yes, eggs are one of the things cats like to eat for breakfast. They’re healthy, but high in calories, so don’t feed too much or too often.

  • Can cats eat bananas?

Yes, but in small quantities as they are high in sugar.

  • Can cats eat bread?

Small bits of cooked bread aren’t harmful to cats, but it has no nutritional value. You should never feed raw bread dough due to the yeast, which can cause bloat or alcohol poisoning.

  • Can cats eat peanut butter?

Peanut butter isn’t toxic, but it doesn’t have any nutritional benefit. It can be useful to get cats to take pills, though. Make absolutely sure there isn’t any xylitol in your PB&J sandwich before you give your cat a bite, because xylitol toxicity in dogs and cats can be fatal.

  • Can cats eat salmon oil?

Yes, fish oil is often given as a supplement to kittens and cats of all ages, thanks to the omega-3s. But do expect some fishy breath as a result!

two white and grey cats outside eating raw meat from a cat bowl

What should we feed cats?

The eating habits of cats have long mystified us humans. Sometimes they chow down on grass (see the reasons in our ‘why do cats eat grass?’ article), and other times they’ll turn their noses up at your freshly baked salmon. Garfield may eat lasagne but in reality lots of red meat, cheese, and milk isn’t a healthy diet for your cat.

So what are we to do?

The safest bet is to feed a well-balanced, quality diet made especially for your feline friend. That’s what pet food companies are there for. Whether you opt for dry cat food or wet is up to you, but at least you’ll know it’s designed to keep your kitty safe.

That said, the occasional treat or supplemental source of protein doesn’t hurt them either. Just make sure to feed any treats and extra calories in moderation to avoid pet obesity and the health problems (like diabetes and musculoskeletal strain) which come alongside it.

Much like us humans, balance is key! Watch this video with Dr Cath Watson on the dangers of chocolate to pets:

Another health boost

And of course, boosting their health further with a good pet insurance plan is a great step. It will give you an extra layer of peace of mind that you’re taking the best care possible of your cat’s health.

Why? It means that not only are you looking out for their diet, but that you can get them medical attention when they need it. Without worrying about the $$$. Check out our PD Insurance cat insurance plans now.

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