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Can Dogs Eat Vegemite?


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It looks like Kiwis are battling Aussies for Vegemite-related Google searches. Apparently, a lot of you have a burning desire to know the answer to the (very important, obviously) question “can dogs eat vegemite?”

Well, PD Insurance to the rescue. Let’s get straight to the point. Can dogs eat the black, sticky stuff? And if not, why?

Is it ok for dogs to eat Vegemite?

Look, you don’t want to be serving your dog Vegemite toast every day. Keep that for the human kids, please!

In very small amounts though (like, less than a teaspoon), dogs can eat Vegemite.

In fact, some dog owners comment that it’s a useful tool for things like pills or medicine. Partly because it has a strong taste to mask any meds, but partly because it’s sticky and they can’t eat around it that easily.

If you’ve ever had a Vegie sandwich, you’ll know it sticks to your palate a little. Which is a good thing when it comes to giving medicine to your puppy or dog.

Dogs can’t eat grapes, chocolate, or xylitol because they’re highly toxic. Vegemite doesn’t fall into this league. But can dogs eat Vegemite regularly? No. Although it isn’t toxic to your pup, it does have an extremely high salt content.

This can be a problem long term because excessive salt intake can cause sodium ion poisoning in dogs. In small amounts, it could still be far too much sodium for dogs. You might notice, for instance, that your dog drinks more than usual if they’ve got their paws on the Vegemite.

vegemite can help dogs to take pills

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So there you have it. Can dogs eat Vegemite? Yes, but only in very small amounts and only occasionally. If you desperately need to give your dog pills, a little dab of Vegemite can be a handy tool in hiding them.

And while your dog’s making the best of a bitter pill to swallow, make sure you are too. By having a pet insurance policy, you won’t be left wondering whether you can afford the bill (or the next jar of Vegemite!) when your dog gets sick and needs medical treatment.

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