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Pet Technology For The Modern Pet Parent

Good, old-fashioned face-to-fur fun with your pet will never be beaten. But the evolution of everything digital has given rise to pet technology, presenting unique opportunities for improved pet parenting.

A variety of everyday products and apps allow us to live more convenient (and connected!) lives, and why should it stop there? Luckily, it doesn’t have to. By making use of pet technology, pet owners can strengthen their relationships with their furkids and offer them improved care.  

Different types of pet technology

Michelle Le Long, Chief Operating Officer at PD Insurance New Zealand says, “while technology can’t ever replace quality time with your pet, it can help with play, care and even a little over-the-top fun.

“These days there are some seriously cool products that make for a great potential gift for the pets or pet lovers in your family.”

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pet care technology

There’s a wide range of innovative technology out there which makes some of the less glamorous aspect of pet ownership a little easier.

Cat lovers, breathe a sigh of relief! Surely, you’ve dreamed of a self-cleaning robotic litterbox before? The Litter Robot 3 means never scooping poop again.  It even automatically provides a clean bed of litter for each use. Like a lot of smart technology today, you can monitor it remotely using your mobile phone.

A constant supply of clean drinking water is an essential piece of the pet care puzzle. Take the guesswork out of hydration with the Fresco Smart Water Fountain. It delivers fresh filtered water but also alerts you well before levels get low. The 2L Fresco also warns you when it’s time to switch filters.

Keeping an eye on your pet

Many pet parents worry about where their pets are and what they’re up to. If you’re away from home (and/or you own a beagle or another of the kindest dog breeds that make like Houdini) then you can double that worry.

Check out Tractive’s GPS Tracker for Dogs, and never wonder where they are again.

Features include a waterproof design and a ‘live’ mode with position updates every few seconds. Also handy for when your cat is sneaking into the pantry without your knowledge.

Even better, opt for the Petcube Cam so you can spook puss away from the snacks with a yelp. As you might have guessed, this webcam keeps you connected to your pet, wherever you are. Two-way audio and even night vision means that they’re not sneaking out through the window at midnight any time soon. Maybe invest in one for the teenagers too?

If you’re not at home for a while, a webcam won’t cut it. Instead, check out our article on kennels vs petsitters and what might work best for you.

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Pet play technology

Pets are often at their happiest when they’re playing. If the humans join in, even better. If you’re not convinced, maybe this article on the importance of playtime for dogs and cats will persuade you to invest in some extra playtime tech!

There’s a ton of clever pet technology out there to make playtime even better. Even when you can’t be there in person. Check out this Petcube’s play cam, which lets you spend quality time with your pet remotely. It goes over and above the ‘regular’ cam offering by including a laser pointer and voice control.

Got a dog who loves playing fetch? The iFetch Too automatic ball launcher makes exercise both fun and easy. Just train your dog to return the balls to the launcher and they’ll be entertained for hours. With various distances up to 12 metres as well as a random mode, your pup will be both happy and tired by the time you get home.

Or what about Wicked Bone?  This interactive toy offers all the fun of a real bone with none of the drawbacks. Don’t get spooked when this new-fangled bone moves around on its own. It also interacts with your dog, keeping their attention for ages. Connect it to the app, and you’re ready for hilarious fun together.

Is pet technology worth it?

Further, faster, higher – that’s what smart pet technology is all about. Over the top? Well, that’s up to you to decide. There’s no doubt that it can make your job easier, and maybe more rewarding.

Le Long says while there are some staggeringly clever pet tech developments which are sure to delight and impress both owners and pets, the basics of being a good pet parent haven’t changed.

“Pets want love, exercise, companionship, nutritious food and clean water. They need a parent that commits to routine pet care.

“And because they need regular checkups and occasional more advanced medical care, the modern tech-savvy pet parent also takes out insurance for their fur pals. For as little as a dollar a day, you can make quality pet care easy – and give yourself a soft landing with vet bills.”

Insurance for the modern pet parent

Insurance isn’t a brand new concept, but Kiwis’ pets are under insured. Join the modern pet parent revolution by taking out pet insurance for your furkid. Get a quote online here.

Over to you

Have you got a cool gadget or app that makes life better for you and your pets? Share your favourite technology with us on our Facebook page.

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