Siamese kittens often squint, like this Siamese cat kitten poking its head around a wall, looking at you

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At PD Insurance we’re proudly active in educating fellow pet parents about all things animals.

We do this through our blogsocial media, PR activity, e-newsletters and more. Why? We know pets are happier and healthier when their (non-fur) family members:

1. Know more about why dogs and cats are the way they are, and

2. Understand how to best protect their wellbeing.

So, we’re running this quick survey to uncover what topics you’d like to learn more about when it comes to pets and other animals. Then we can continue delivering content that’s interesting and useful for you. Competition runs until 11:59pm NZDT on 28 February 2022.


Thank you for your interest but this survey has now closed. Psst…keep an eye out for more competitions coming up!


This pup knows PD insurance is good for pet insurance

And once you’ve done that, why not take a couple of minutes to get a pet insurance quote?

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