Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed - Why You Should

Sleeping with Your Dog in Your Bed – Why You Should


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Have you noticed how all the Disney princesses have a pet that sleeps in their bed? The message is clear. Keep your furry BFF at your side when you sleep as an emblem of your safety and wellbeing. As it happens, sleeping with your dog in your bed can have mental and physical health benefits.

Scientific evidence backs this up.

Let’s find our more….

Sleeping with your dog in your bed is healthy

The American Kennel Club says 42% of pet parents co-sleep with their dog. So why don’t we all? Some of us are concerned our pup will break our beauty sleep. Not to worry – Disney princesses have disproved this theory.

Luckily so has science. A recent study from Mayo Clinic reveals that humans with a single dog in their bedroom maintained good sleep efficiency. However, it’s worth noting no puppies were part of the research.

Others of us suffer from animal allergies (we’re the type who gives our pooch those awkward long-armed brittle hugs) so no co-sleeping there. But we love them regardless.

In addition, some of us worry about hygiene. For example, our fur kids walk barefoot in the herb garden, then hit the sack without washing feet, right? Right, so it’s our responsibility to bath them so we can enjoy them germ-free.

Co-sleeping with your dog – scientific based benefits

Co-sleeping with your dog – scientific based benefits

Health and wellness expert Caleb Backe helps dispel any concerns we may have. He says, “sleeping with your pup can actually be good for you”. If both of you are healthy (and washed), you may even have a better sleep. Why? Let’s find out…

Here are some scientific based health benefits of cuddling your fur kid:

  • Makes us feel happy and loved – being close to pooch releases the hormone Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”, into our bloodstream. Nothing beats feeling loved for getting a good night’s sleep.

  • Reduces stress – cuddling with our BFF causes our cortisol levels to drop. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone which disrupts our Circadian rhythms and causes insomnia. Therefore, pooch effectively solves these issues before they even happen!

  • Keeps us calm while reducing health risks – dogs have a calming effect on us by lowering our blood pressure (always good for sleep). They also reduce our cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. Wowser!

Perhaps at this point, all the gals n’ guys who don’t already have a dog want to rush out and get one. Be sure to first familiarise yourself with 7 steps to being the purrfect pet parent.

Emotional based evidence

Science is great. However, many of us simply KNOW that sleeping with our dog in our bed has a positive effect. Why? Because we can feel it – it makes us feel like princess Jasmine with her tiger.

For instance, if you live by yourself, having a snuggly fur kid by your side when the moon is full can make you feel ultra-safe and snug. When you’re too lazy to get up in the morning, pooch is there to save. A happy, lively loving alarm clock to start your day well. A BFF, bodyguard, fluffy toy and hot water bottle all rolled into one.

I mean who could ask for more? Just pass us the chamomile 😊 and we’re…zzzzz

Emotional based evidence for sleeping with your dog in your room

Unconditional love, whether sleeping in bed with your dog or not

Our dogs give us unconditional love. They love us no matter what. Besides heaping them with snuggles and attention, we should safeguard their physical wellbeing with pet insurance.

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