Cats and Babies: The Health Risks

cats and babies can be great friends

Cats and babies can be best of friends with a helping hand from mum and dad. Friendship, whether between humans or animals and humans, is a privilege that comes with a modicum of responsibility. Namely taking care of everyone’s health while nurturing good relations – as the adult, that falls on you. In this article … Read more

Is PD Insurance Good for Pet Insurance?

This pup knows PD insurance is good for pet insurance

Is PD Insurance good for pet insurance? Yes! Our insurance is affordable, online, easy to use and claims are turned around lightning quick. The local team are passion pet people and they know insurance back to front, which means they’re as empathetic as they are professional. With Simplicity and Soft Landings at the heart of … Read more

Flea Treatment in NZ (and Ticks Too!)

dog needs flea treatment in NZ

It’s that time of the year; summer’s round the bend and extra degrees are dancing across the temperature gauge. Humans aren’t the only ones who are invigorated by the heat – creepy crawlies are too, and they multiply fast. It’s why flea treatment in NZ is of particular importance to cat and dog parents right … Read more

Kiwis Give Up Pets for Adoption

Kiwi pet owner gives up pet for adoption

On-and-off lockdowns and social interaction restrictions have caused a sharp rise in pet adoptions across New Zealand. However, pandemic pressure has also forced many Kiwis to give up pets for adoption – this is the lesser-known story. It’s not all bad news, and you might just be able to play a part in building the … Read more

What’s a Cat Café Anyway?

two women at a table in cat cafe

If you’ve heard of the cat café concept, you’re either absolutely delighted at it, or completely mystified. But believe it or not, they’ve taken off and are becoming more and more common worldwide. If you’re still lost, don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through evvvverything cat café related. And if you’re already a cat … Read more

Are All Ginger Cats Male? Almost, Here’s Why

Are all ginger cats male? No, but this one is.

Are all ginger cats male? We’ve decided to unpack this popular myth and get down to some fun chromosome data, seeing as it’s Ginger Cat Appreciation Day on 1st September. What better time to dispel this widespread misconception than now? In this article, we’ll also debunk another misconception about tabby cats being a cat breed. … Read more

Cat TV: Should Your Cat Be Watching?

lazy grey cat lying on couch with TV remote

Cat TV videos and channels might sound a bit…well…niche. But they’re popping up all over YouTube and other streaming services. Basically, cats have their own Netflix nowadays, whether rightly or wrongly. And why not? Before TV and streaming was a big thing, cats used to hang out in trees or by windows to watch the … Read more

Scents Cats Like: Not Just Catnip!

close up of ginger cat's nose to enjoy scents they like!

There are scents cats like and scents they don’t. And just like you might use the ones they dislike to discourage them from peeing on your couch or scratching your furniture, you can use scents cats like for training, reward, and pure spoiling. Or is that purr spoiling? So to get on your kitty’s good … Read more

How to Train a Cat to Walk on a Lead? We Explain

This pet parent is training a cat to walk on a lead.

Training a cat to walk on a lead can be a revolutionary way of spending time together in the great outdoors, especially if you’ve an indoor cat. However, walking your cat on a lead can be like feeding your kids veggies. They either like it or they don’t. And while you persevere until your kids eat … Read more

How Do Cat Microchips Work? We Explain

Cat microchips only take a few seconds to implant.

Cat microchips are fast becoming the new normal, catching up with their dog microchip cousin. However, while microchipping is mandatory for all dogs in New Zealand, in a lot of our regions microchips aren’t a legal must-have for cats. That said, you’ll probably find almost every cat and his neighbour has, or will soon have, … Read more