A greyhound, is one of the dogs mixed with several types of Indian dog breeds, sits sweetly under a blanket

18 Amazing Dog Breeds from India


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If you’re looking for cute Indian dog names or breeds, we’ve got you covered with this article. How many Indian dog breeds can you name? Not to worry, here we list 18 different dog breeds that originally hail from India. We also share info on other dog breeds you might be curious about.

Dogs have a special spot in India and are considered sacred animals. That’s why even street dogs (aka Indian Pariah Dogs) often get a bit of care and the occasional snack from those living nearby or who happen to cross paths with them.

Let’s take a look at 18 Indian dog breeds.

A drawing of a dog wearing a colorful scarf, inspired by Indian dog breeds.

Cute Indian dog names

If you’re getting a new puppy or adopting a dog, you might be looking up cute dog names. We’ve rounded up quite a few in our time as the most active pet blog in NZ. For example, we’ve listed the top puppy and dog names in New Zealand.

But we know what you’re currently looking for are lots of cute Indian dog names plus their meanings, which we have right here:

Amiya Delight
Arjun White
ChandraGlowing moon
Haddi Bone (our top pick of the cute Indian dog names)
Indra Rainbow
Kumar Prince
Sakari Lovely
Sona Golden
Sumit Best bud

What dog breed is native to India?

Lots, actually! Let’s take a look at 18 dog breeds from India, along with what they’ve been bred for. We’ll dive into some of the meanings of their namesakes, show you a selection of pics and more.

Without further ado, let’s delve in.

An illustration of a cute Indian dog breed standing on the street.

1. Bakharwal

You might think this dog is named bark-uh-well, but actually the Bakharwal dog takes its name from some of its breeders. This dog was bred by the Bakarwal nomadic Indian tribe, among others. Like many dogs the Bakharwal was bred for a job and, in particular, herding sheep, cattle and goats.

2. Banjara Hound

The Banjara Hound looks a bit like a Saluki dog and can be over 70 cm tall. Like the Bakharwal Indian dog breed, the Banjara Hound takes its name from the people who first developed it, called the Banjara. They were nomadic and bred the rough-coated, brindle coloured Banjara Hound for hunting.

A cute Bully Kutta Indian dog, laying in the dirt next to a tree.
This photo, courtesy of Ajimian under creative commons licence, has been cropped to show the Bully Kutta dog close up.

3. Bully Kutta, a wrinkly dog breed from India

You’d be forgiven for thinking a dog called a ‘Bully Kutta’ can bring down bullies because in some sense you’d also be right.

The word ‘bully’ actually means ‘heavily wrinkled’ and ‘kutta’ translates literally as ‘dog’ so, together, Bully Kutta means ‘heavily wrinkled dog’.

This Indian mastiff was bred as a guard dog that also had the ability to hunt. It’s a big dog too. It looks a bit like a Bull Mastiff combined with a Great Dane!

A man standing next to a Chippiparai Indian dog breed.

4. Chippiparai

The Chippiparai has kept the company of both Indian royalty and the police force, thanks to its high trainability. The breed is slender and elegant and some say it descends from the Saluki dog. The Chippiparai was bred to be a hunter, guardian and best friend and is named after the Sippipparai Indian village.

Sadly, although the sighthound was a popular pet for nobility, during the British reign in India it almost went extinct.

5. Gull Dong

The Gull Dong is a mix of an Indian dog breed called a Gull Terrier and number three on our list, the Bully Kutta. The Gull Terrier didn’t get a spot on this list because although this dog breed was developed in India it first originated in Britain.

Back to the Gull Dong. This pooch has short white dense fur, sometimes with a few dark spots. It’s a dog that can pack speed and is used to hunt and guard. Check out this video for a sneak peek of this large Indian dog breed:

6. Haofa Tangkhul Hui

First things first, this dog has two names rolled into one and is actually a Haofa or Tangkhul Hui. Like so many dogs on this list and in the world, this Indian dog breed’s name (one of them anyway) comes from the people who developed it as a breed. Namely, the Tangkhul people.

The Haofa Tangkhul Hui breed, although rare with only about a thousand dogs in existence, has found its way into the Indian army. Originally, it was bred to help its humans hunt due to its stamina. Oh, and not only does this Indian dog breed have two names but it also comes in two sizes! In terms of appearance, it’s the inverse of the Gull Dong because it has black fur with white markings.

Check out the video of this Indian dog breed:

7. Himalayan Sheepdog

As you can guess this gorgeous Indian dog breed originates in the Himalayas. Naturally, tall mountains bring cold weather, so this doggy has a thick double coat that tends to be black or a mix of black and tan.

As the name implies, the Himalayan Sheepdog is a herding dog that protects livestock. Another name commonly used for this Indian dog breed is the Himalayan Mastiff. This perky pup is one of just four canines that represented the “country’s canine heritage” when it was featured on a postage stamp.

Small fluffy white Indian Spitz Dog Breed sits and looks up smiling at the camera

8. Indian Spitz dog breed

Meet the Indian Spitz, affectionately called the Indian Pomeranian. This little fluff ball is not just cute but also super smart, loyal and full of love. This Indian dog breed makes a fantastic companion because it can pick up on training really quickly and loves to learn new things.

It’s sturdy for its size and comes with fewer genetic health problems than many other small breeds. (Read more on hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs). Sporting a unique fluffy look, with a dense coat, perky ears and a bushy tail this pooch is a farm dog that finds its spot on the utility dog group with some dog registries. Read about small dog breeds that are great for apartment living.

9. Jonangi Indian dog breed

The Jonangi pooch once helped duck farmers herd ducks! Sadly, that went out of fashion and many of these dogs became semi-feral. Despite these changes, the Jonangi remains a loyal companion, often bonding deeply with a single person or family. Known for their agility and endurance, these dogs can effortlessly cover vast distances with their long, graceful strides.

Although the Jonangi breed may show a hint of nervousness, the majority excel as working dogs. They’re happy guarding sprawling farms or keeping a watchful eye on their human’s home. With their unique background and steadfast loyalty, Jonangis are not just pets but true partners, embodying a blend of independence and devotion. Here’s a video of this cute dog breed from India:

10. Kaikadi 

This dog breed is named after the Kaikadi community, whose name is a combination of kai (hand or a stand in word for a name) and kade (a basket or twig). This dog breed from India comes in many colours with black, white and tan being most common.

The Kaikadi is a sighthound that’s suspicious of those it doesn’t know and it loves guarding its people. This is a small dog with the long lean legs of a supermodel that helps it reach incredible speeds when hunting small prey.

A cute Indian dog, the Kanni, with its tongue out.

11. Kanni Indian dog breed 

The Kanni is a dog breed from India whose name means ‘pure’, which perfectly captures the essence of this dog’s unwavering loyalty and pure heart.

The Indian dog breed has also been dubbed the Maiden’s Beastmaster. This is also literal because the Kanni is quite the protector, fiercely guarding its home turf from any wild intruders. And here’s a sweet tradition – these dogs are often given as gifts to newlywed brides to be their loyal guardians.

As far as Indian dog breeds go, although people call it the Kanni, the Kennel Club of India (KCI) has registered the breed under two names. Dogs that sport a sleek black and tan coat are registered as a Kanni. Those with solid colours gets the title Chippiparai, which is number four on our list.

A Kombai is a brown dog breed from India, shown here standing on top of a tufty grass hill under a blue sky.

12. Kombai

The Kombai is a brainy and big-hearted sighthound that’s all about loyalty and love, especially when it comes to its favourite humans. The Kombai dog breed from India is known for being the sweetest of pals to those it knows well. This includes kids and, to show its soft spot, it doesn’t mind a bit of roughhousing.

But don’t let their cuddly side fool you – when a stranger or an unfamiliar dog comes around, the Kombai’s fierce protector instincts kick in. This is a top-notch guard dog hailing from the town of Kombai. This Indian dog breed has a long history of being the go-to choice for guarding and protection.

They’ve even dabbled in big game hunting back in the day. Sporting a sleek coat that ranges from light brown to a striking dark red, the Kombai isn’t just about brawn; they’ve got style too!

13. Mudhol Hound

Let’s talk about the Mudhol Hound, which you might also hear being called the Caravan Hound or the Maratha Hound. This isn’t just any dog but one of the oldest Indian dog breeds around.

The Mudhol Hound is a cultural icon and a bit of a superhero… The Indian Army gives them a salute because these pups are on the front lines. They’re trained to sniff out explosives and help in tracking, playing a crucial role in various military operations.

A cute Greyhound looks similar to the Indian dog breed the Mahratta Greyhound with tufty ears

14. Mahratta Greyhound

Just as the name suggests, the Mahratta Greyhound looks like, well, a Greyhound! Sometimes simply called the Mahratta Hound, this is a dog breed from India that’s famed for its ability to hunt bigger prey, including boar, buck and even panther!

If you’re thinking of bringing home and adopted dog, read about retired Greyhound adoption in NZ.

15. Rajapalayam

Say hello to the Rajapalayam, a real standout in the dog world. Originally bred for the thrill of the hunt, especially chasing down wild boar, this breed is all about energy, bravery and top-notch hunting skills.

Also going by the name Polygar Hound, what really catches the eye is their stunning white coat and unique pink nose, all packaged up in a strong, muscular frame. Here’s a video of this dog breed from India:

16. Ramanadhapuram Mandai

Taking its name from the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu this guard dog is etched into art, culture and memory. That’s because you’ll find it likeness carved out in the form of beautiful temple sculptures.

This hound dog is big and strong and has an average lifespan of 19 years. Its short coat comes in several colours, including black, white, grey, tan, bluish and multi-coloured.

A greyhound standing in front of a cabin in the snow, resembles the Rampur Greyhound, which is a long legged Indian dog breed

17. Rampur Greyhound

This Greyhound takes its name from the Rampur district and is a sighthound. Apparently, it descends from the Afghan Hound and has since been crossed with the Greyhound for speed and agility. Dogs are known for being our BFFs but this one is mainly used in Greyhound racing and seldom kept as a pet.

18. Vikhan dog breed from India

The Vikhan dog breed looks like a Scotch Collie and its long soft dark red fur is sometimes used to make wool! This sheepdog is a protector that guards its flock from prey, even taking on foe such as leopards as part of its mission.

This Indian dog breed’s name has a peculiar twist that doesn’t quite match its good looks. The word ‘vikh’ means ‘hermit’, ‘broken’ or ‘noseless’ in Sanskrit. While this dog certainly doesn’t look broken and has a very handsome nose, we may need to concede on the hermit bit because in some parts of the continent it’s pretty solitary.

The ‘broken’ bit may be a reference to the harsh, jagged landscape where its mostly found.

A male chippiparai. Like the Indian Pariah dog, this is a rare dog breed from India

More about fabulous dog breeds

Now that you know about 18 amazing dog breeds from India, along with cute Indian dog names, learn about more dog breeds.

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