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Hit That Like: 5 Furry Pet Influencers to Follow in 2024


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Looking to add some extra joy and a daily dose of cuteness to your scroll time? From posts bursting with personality to awe-inspiring adventures, we’ve got the ‘purrfect’ list for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five cat and dog influencer accounts we think you should follow on social media.

We’ve got homegrown heroes, rising stars, and we’ve even rounded up some suggestions from our PD members. Get ready to hit that ‘follow’ button, here are the dog and cat influencers to watch in 2024 …

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1. Dogs and cat influencer: Casper and Romeo

Account: @casperandromeo
Followers: 63.7k

Meet this charming local duo of snowy white fluff! Casper the Samoyed dog and Romeo the Himalayan Persian from Christchurch show that opposites really do attract. Casper is happy-go-lucky, while Romeo looks a little grumpy due to his flat face – but they’re best of friends.

Their hilarious pics have earned them tens of thousands of fans on Instagram. Their pet parent, Rinsa Li, is a professional photographer, which means every picture of the two is nothing short of a visual treat.

The duo are such a hit that they’ve made waves in the media, too. They’ve been featured in big-name publications like the Daily Mail, Stuff, and even People Magazine. Talk about fur-lebrities!

Fans can go to the Casper and Rome website and shop for some branded merchandise, including t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags, and stickers. Who knew being adorable could become a full time occupation?

PS: If you’re in love with homegrown pups like Casper, check out these Dogs of Instagram From New Zealand.

2. Cat influencer: Smoothie

Account: @smoothiethecat
Followers: 2.3 million

Meet the Queen of Fluff, Smoothie the cat. She’s a Golden Shaded British Longhair who’s charmed her followers with her striking green eyes and incredibly lush fur. Her serene demeanour and photogenic poses make her account a peaceful and delightful place for cat lovers.

She also has an adorable pal, Milkshake, who’s equally as fluffy and wonderful. Cat lovers – hit that like!

3. Dog influencer: Ollie

Account: @good.boy.ollie
Followers: 2 million +

With a whopping 2 million followers, Ollie is a Chocolate Labrador with a penchant for stealing hearts. His pet parent dubs his voice-overs in a British accent – giving Ollie the personality of a senior British fellow with a heart of gold.

And he’s a fur-anthropist… The past holiday season, Ollie and his brother Tato helped in the delivery of 2,000 gifts to their local animal rescue centre.

If you’re looking for some wholesome doggie content to brighten up your feed, Ollie is the way to go. He really is a good boy!

4. Dog influencer: Nala

Account: @adventuringwithnala
Followers: 2 million +

Welcome to the incredible escapades of Chris and dog influencer Nala, as they explore the great outdoors together. Like Ollie, Nala has a staggering following of 2 million people … it’s clear that this duo are doing something right!

Nala isn’t your average Golden Retriever; she’s an adventurer, a trailblazer, and, frankly, an inspiration to all who crave a bit of adventure. The account is a beautiful montage of their journey together – from serene walks in the lush countryside to hikes up rugged mountains.

The account also captures those quiet, tender moments that show the beauty of simply being together, whether it’s a peaceful nap after a long day of exploring or just enjoying the tranquillity of nature. Nala, with her expressive eyes and joyful demeanour, has become an icon of happiness and a reminder of the simple pleasures of life.

5. Cat influencer: Russell

Account: @catmanjohn
Followers: 139k

Ever heard of AIC buttons? AIC stands for augmentative interspecies communication, and it’s basically a devise with buttons that you can teach your dog or cat to use to express their thoughts, needs, and feelings more effectively.

Each button, when pressed, emits a word or sound, representing concepts like “outside,” “play,” “food,” or “love.” Not only do they help pet parents better understand what their fur ball wants, but it’s hilarious.

Enter Russell, a cat influencer whose hilarious antics with his AIC set has captured the hearts of his online followers. With well over a hundred thousand followers, Russell is a minor fur-lebrity. If you’re into dry humour and cats – this account is for you.

PS: Check out these cats of Instagram for more pawsome feline accounts.

Has no fur ball on this list caught your eye? Here’s a list of follow-worthy pets as recommended by our members in our recent Love Your Pet Day survey:


A well-travelled cat living in Wellington, known for their city adventures and regular media features.


An English Cocker Spaniel from Auckland, known for beautifully shot photos and a love for water.


Doug the Pug, known for his hilarious antics and relatable expressions, continues to be a major hit on social media. His dog influencer content is a mix of humour, cuteness, and the occasional celebrity encounter.


Coffee, a British Shorthair, is not just about adorable looks; his account also shares his journey of overcoming health challenges, bringing a message of resilience and hope to his followers.


Tucker, a Golden Retriever, has gained fame for his adorable facial expressions and playful videos. His interactions with his owners and his ‘doggo thoughts’ narration add a humorous touch to his content.


Venus, with her striking two-faced coloration, has fascinated her audience with her unique appearance. Her account celebrates diversity and reminds us of the beauty in being different.


Jiff the Pomeranian is not just a cute face and dog influencer; he’s also a Guinness World Record holder.  He’s got one record for the fastest 10 metres on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and another for the fastest 5 metres on front paws (7.76 seconds). Known for his incredible outfits and heart-melting cuteness, Jiff’s profile is a go-to for a daily dose of happiness.

We also mentioned Jiff in our piece What is the Cutest Dog in the World? – check it out.


Suki is an adventurous Bengal cat who travels the world with her humans. Her account is filled with breath-taking photos of her exploring the great outdoors, showing that cats can be just as adventurous as dogs.


Maya, the Samoyed dog influencer known for her fluffy white fur and smiley face, shares her daily adventures and provides a wholesome and joyful experience to her followers.

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