Spoil your pooch with a luxury pet vacation like the one this black and white dog wearings sunglasses is enjoying.

5 Top Spots for a Luxury Pet Vacation or Pampering


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Everyone needs a break every now and then. So why would that be any different for your favourite four-legged friend? Does Boris need his own space to switch off? Is it time Bella had her pedicure? What if you must go away for a while on a business trip and your pet can’t join? Let’s talk about some top spots for a luxury pet vacation or a pet pamper session.

Amazing people all over New Zealand want to help you treat your pooch or kitty to some long overdue pet R&R. Check out these five fabulous special pet spas, pet stays and pet hotels. Or, if you prefer to travel with your fur baby, read this article on pet friendly Airbnb options.

1. Check out this luxury pet vacation resort

Shadow Estate Luxury Pet Resort in Rangiora is a six-star, family-owned business committed to taking the best care of your pet. The team focuses on establishing a routine with plenty of walks, proper nutrition and, of course, treats!

Guests have time to relax in their private room, each built with insulated walls and ceilings, glass windows in the doors and furnished with colour TV’s and DVDs. Every room has a different theme too, from Winnie the Pooh to Spiderman.

With only a small number of spots available, the Shadow Estate staff can give lots of hugs, kisses, and personal attention to your canine family member. Staff are on site 24/7, so even the most anxious or shy dog will find the experience stress-free and comforting.

Active go-getter guests will enjoy making new friends and burning off excess energy during frequent exercise times in the huge grass play areas. There’s plenty of room for everyone to emerge from their luxury pet vacation refreshed and invigorated from the paws up.

You can also check out our article for other pet boarding options.

Luxury pet vacation spots ensure your pets are taken care of, like this these brown, black and grey canines outside their white kennel home.

2. How’s this for a purrrrfect pet pamper session?

A luxury pet vacation doesn’t have to go for days. A change is as good as a holiday, as they say. What about a pet pamper session to release some stress?

Paw Hub, based in Auckland, is a one stop shop for your pets’ grooming needs. Fernanda Marangoni, the owner and head groomer, has more than 20 years’ experience working in several salons in Brazil and New Zealand and is also a Certified International Professional Master Groomer.

The team at Paw Hub is always researching new techniques and technology to not only give the best service to your pet, but to also improve the New Zealand pet care industry.

Treatments include a full dog groom, salon bath, cat grooming and a bath and tidy. There’s also additional pet pamper session add-ons including flea treatments, nail trimming and teeth brushing.

Treat your fur baby to a pet pamper session like this white fluffy cat being brushed

3. Try doggy daycare to hit the spot

If you thought that doggy daycare was just a babysitting service, you’ve got it all wrong! With a centre in Albany and another in Glenfield, DogHQ Day Care provides ‘the platform for dogs to experience positive socialisation in a managed and loving environment’. I smell the scent of a luxury pet vacation in playgroup form then off to a pet pamper session afterwards…

Dogs are highly social and intelligent animals that need both physical and mental stimulation to thrive. Young active dogs need loads of it and dog play provides far greater stimulation than two walks per day. Plus, overweight dogs can benefit from the increased exercise that group dog play offers.

Adult dogs that spend large amount of time at home alone can benefit from socialising and stimulation too. Dog HQ offers a free trial play to see if it’s right for you and your pooch.

If you’re still confused about the best holiday care for your baby our guide on kennels vs pet sitters may help.

4. Choose from a long luxury pet vacation or simple pet pamper session

Pets In the City is your one stop shop for everything pet care in Mt Wellington, Wairau Park and Silverdale. This business offers a luxury pet vacation in the form of dog and cat hotels, as well as doggy daycare, grooming facilities, puppy preschool and dog training.

Its doggy daycare boasts multiple indoor play parks allowing your pooch to frolic, run and play to their heart’s content. Scheduled activities including games, skill development and rest ensure your dog has a fun day of interaction and socialisation.

Spoil your pet with a pet pamper session like these dogs on play equipment are enjoying.

At the dog hotel you’ll find luxurious apartment style hotel accommodation for your special fur baby. For your feline friend, the cat hotel has individual multi-levelled kitty condominiums that offer a secure, spacious, and dedicated cat area for the ultimate privacy and relaxation. A perfect home away from home.

Pets In the City grooming services offer modern, hygienic, and comfortable grooming suites and a full range of pet pamper session services to spoil your dog from top to toe. Perhaps give your pooch essential maintenance treatments or a breed-specific hairdo? The team of trained and experienced groomers will tend to your dog’s every need.

To top it off, they offer air-conditioned pet taxis to transport your cat or dog to/from your home or office. A simple phone call and your furry family member will be delivered safely and comfortably with Pets in The City. Contact Pets in The City for prices.

5. Taking luxury pet vacays to the next level

Clarkville Luxury Boarding Kennels in Christchurch prides itself in providing comfortable accommodation for pooches in a serene environment.

The establishment is owned by a family who have been professionally caring for dogs for more than two decades. Its website says, “Our focus is always to give our guests the best possible service and care at a fair price. Our reputation has been built on quality dog care, honesty, superior knowledge and skill.”

At the hotel, dogs stay in well-sized rooms that are kitted out with comfy stretcher beds, snuggly bedding and plenty of toys. All rooms have in-floor heating and exercise rooms have a mix of grass and concrete. The owners’ pride themselves in providing a “peaceful and stress free” home away from home for your fur baby.

Check out this luxury pet vacation spot and its serene surroundings.

Protecting your pet wherever they are

Whether your pet is at home, enjoying a long term luxury pet vacation or having a quick pet pamper session, they and you will benefit from being covered by pet insurance. If they have an accident or fall ill, pet cover helps safeguard your savings while they’re being treated.

Did you know PD Insurance offers new customers one or more months of free pet insurance? And potentially a discount if you insure more than one pet? Check out our cat insurance and dog insurance to find out more or click below for a quote.

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